Friday Quick Ones: Lodgenet, United Club, JetBlue Security Lanes, Aerosvit Bankrupt

- Lodgenet, the company that provides your on-demand and cable service at hotels, has declared bankruptcy, though they’ll continue to operate. I really only mention this because I remember meeting with them maybe 10 years ago and the majority of the meeting was spent talking about people’s porn viewing habits (ie, average amount of time someone actually watched an adult film in a hotel room: 8 minutes).

- JetBlue is now selling expedited security lane screening in 40 airports. The product, called Even More Speed, had been included as part of its extra legroom product (Even More Space). They’ll now sell it for $10 to anyone on the plane who wants to get through security faster.

- United opened a new United Club at Terminal 2 in Chicago O’Hare yesterday.

- Ukranian airline Aerosvit declared bankruptcy and in response many of the airports the airline serves have refused to allow the airline to operate in those cities. They have apparently reached some sort of agreement with those airports, but if you have a flight coming up on Aerosvit, I would check with the airline before heading to the airport.

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  1. Jared,

    Are you aware of how Jetblue (or other airlines) charge and pay for these expedited passengers? It seems to me that the taxpayer is on the hook for airport security and the TSA, while Jetblue then charges customers extra to put them in the taxpayer-funded expedited lines. Is that correct? Or does the TSA charge the airline for that expedited line? How does the TSA allocate their human resources so that we’re not all paying for Jetblue’s ancillary revenue stream?


    • It’s a great question – I will assume that TSA would offer the same number of lanes, but that 1 or 2 are just designated as Expedited.

  2. I wasn’t even in that lodgenet briefing way-back-when but the 8-minute stat feels like it was the most mentioned fun fact of the entire Jupiter analyst pool ever after. Good times…

    Also, I have to imagine Lodgenet’s finally been done in by in-room broadband and Netflix, HBO Go, etc. And internet porn, of course…

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