Targeted: Bank of America Hawaiian Airlines Card Offers 2X Points on Everything

My wife received the email below offering her 2X points on everything she buys on her Bank of America Hawaiian Airlines card between now and March 31st. Being that it’s Bank of America, it’s limited to a sad 2,500 points, but 2,500 double points is better than not getting 2,500 double points.

The other way to look at this is you’ll get 4X Hilton points on everything you buy (since Hawaiian Airlines points transfer to Hilton at 1:2), which is no great shakes since the Citi Hilton card (which is free) already gets you 6X on everything you buy.

In any case, if you don’t have a Hilton card and you do have the Hawaiian Airlines card, look in your email for the deal below.

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  1. What Citi Hilton card gives you 6 points per dollar on everything you buy???

    • I’m an idiot- I was multi-tasking when I wrote that. There is no Hilton card that gives 6 pts per dollar. I was thinking about an email I was responding to where someone asked what card to use to buy Vanilla Reloads at CVS. The Citi Hilton gives 6 points per dollar at pharmacies, not everywhere.

      So, getting 4 Hilton points per dollar on everything is a good deal.

  2. My husband and I each got this offer on my BofA issued Alaska Airlines card rather than the Hawaiian Airlines one.

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