American Airlines’ New Livery

In case you were wondering what American Airlines’ new livery will be:

The font stays the same, though they’ve changed it from red to grey. At the front they’ve added a little red, white and blue thingy that reminds me of Air France’s logo a bit:

And sadly, they’ve replaced the iconic AA on the tail with a rather obvious American flag-y kinda thing. It’s not as obvious as poor old North American Airlines (below), but I’m not sure why they needed to change the AA.

In all, I think it’s a modern update – I just don’t understand why they’d kill the AA. Bring it back!

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  1. That “thingy” at the front reminds me of the Greyhound bus logo.

  2. I Don’t Think I Like Change | Traveling To… - pingback on January 18, 2013 at 12:28 am

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