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Oh My God, Finally! British Airways Introduces Tea Designed for High Altitudes…My Dreams Have Come True!

What more can I add to this breathless press release:

British Airways and Twinings are promising to transform tea in the air with an innovative new blend of the drink, specifically designed to work at altitude. The British Airways signature blend tea will take to the skies from February 1, 2013 for customers in all cabins.

With research to prove that taste can be reduced by up to 30 percent at 35,000 feet, the airline commissioned Twinings to come up with a teabag that would taste as good in the sky as it does on the ground.

Kate Thornton, British Airways’ head of product and service said: “British Airways has decided to lead a campaign to improve tea in the air. With an incredible number of teas available from around the world, there is a real opportunity to create innovative new flavors, perfect for flight. At British Airways we serve 35 million cups a year and we are proud to have what we believe is the best traditional British cuppa in the air.”

It goes on like that for some time…

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  1. Hey, if I were a tea drinker . . . .

    For some strange reason, I have been sampling coffee on several airlines the past couple of months. Here’s my conclusion (which, admittedly, I already knew): airline coffee sucks.

    If BA wants to tackle that problem, I’d be happy to sample the results.

  2. Brits are so persnickety about their caffeinated water. I remember this ( )from a few years back were Hitchens whined about how Americans make tea. Not satisfied with proper tea on the ground, the British have taken to the skies?

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