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Nah, Alaska Airlines Doesn’t Really Want to Serve Paine Field Outside Seattle

Alaska Airlines put out a press release yesterday that included a proposed schedule for flights from the airport, located about 40 miles north of Sea-Tac. They say they would initially serve Vegas, Honolulu, Maui and Portland, eventually adding Phoenix, LA and San Diego.

The announcement was interesting, primarily because it’s pretty clear that Alaska does not actually want to serve the airport. As they note in the release, there’s currently no passenger terminal there, so that would have to be built.

And if we read closely, they say they’re happy at Sea-Tac, but:

“If one or more other airlines begin operations at Paine Field, we would commence service alongside these carriers. Submitting a schedule with the FAA along with a request for authorization to serve Paine is a necessary step in the process.”

In other words, if Allegiant were to start serving Paine Field, we will go after them.

It’s worth noting here that the cities they say they’ll serve – Honolulu, Maui, Portland and Vegas – are exactly the same cities Allegiant flies from a small airport in Bellingham, north of Seattle.

In short? Alaska likely put the announcement out to show Allegiant that if they plan on starting operations at Paine Field, they’ll be there right beside them.

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  1. This is why I love your site: not only do you provide completely geeky airline news, you EXPLAIN it. Kudos.

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