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You Can Book Award Tickets on Saudia Using Flying Blue Miles with No Fuel Surcharges

This is one of those pieces of information where I don’t actually have a specific scenario where it’s useful, but I’m going to imagine that at some point it will be helpful for someone:

One of the frustrations of Air France’s Flying Blue program is that they charge a fuel surcharge on most of their award tickets, making the awards pretty much useless for many. That’s frustrating, since you can transfer both Membership Rewards and Starwood points into Flying Blue. That said, one bright spot has been how you can use Flying Blue miles to book one-way tickets one Delta with no fuel surcharge.

Well, I discovered this weekend that Flying Blue also does not charge a fuel surcharge on partner Saudi Arabian Airlines (aka, Saudia) when redeeming miles. I realize that the flew people who will be booking on Saudia will likely be using Delta miles. However, if you wanted to book a one-way award ticket, Delta won’t allow that. Flying Blue will, however. So if you needed a one-way business class ticket to Dubai, Saudia may be a good bet (especially, as View from the Wing has outlined, they have a TON of business class award availability, even for multiple seats).

So, if you wanted 4 one-way business class tickets to the Gulf or India, this might be helpful to you.

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  1. The reason Flying Blue doesn’t add fuel surcharges to Saudia awards is because Saudia fares don’t have any :-)

  2. I’ve been looking at this option recently and haven’t been able to figure something out. How strict are FlyingBlue routing rules? Could I take Saudia to Nairobi or Johannesburg? JFK-JED-NBO is only 300 miles farther than JFK-CDG-NBO, but I don’t know if they’ll let me transit the middle east to get to Africa. Shouldn’t be a problem to India I realize, and I guess I don’t know about Singapore either.

  3. This is what i was looking for, i was looking for a 1 way from dac to jed to jfk in business, thanks so much.

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