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Turns Out Frontier Customers CAN Get Free Bin Space and Frequent Flyer Miles When They Book with a Travel Agent

Frontier Airlines received a fair amount of media attention from a press release they put out a couple of weeks ago saying that the only way to earn full frequent flyer miles on coach tickets and NOT have to pay to use overhead bins is to book with Frontier Airlines’ website.

Last year, Frontier put out a press release saying that the only place to purchase their Classic and Classic Plus fares was on their own website.

Turns out, neither of those things is true (thanks, Travel Weekly).

Travel agents are able to book both Classic and Classic Plus fares for their clients. And they’re able to book the fares that allow for full frequent flyer credit and free overhead bin space.

The airline created a new fare type called “Basic” that is only available in the GDSs used by travel agents. It’s 10 cents cheaper than the Classic fares, but it does not come with full frequent flyer credit or free overhead bin space. And because it’s 10 cents cheaper than the Classic fares, it’s the default fare that comes up on a GDS when an agent searches a fare on Frontier. Pretty tricky. Agents are able to book the Classic fare (earning full credit and bin space) for their clients, but it apparently involves a bit of a workaround.

Said a Frontier rep about the misleading press releases, “The press release last week and the one in September were meant for the general public who book through third-party sites, not for travel agents booking through a GDS…”

That is just nonsense.

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  1. Sounds pretttty shady, but as usual, I’d still fly em if the price is right!

  2. Wandering Aramean

    Hardly nonsense…they want to drive bookings to their site and OTAs are the biggest stumbling block there. Since the OTA will show the cheapest fare they get the “discount” which real world TAs can actually choose the fare their customers need.

  3. hi-if i call chase and ask them to convert my saphire pref visa to a master card, will i get the 40k signup bonus again? any experiance with this?

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