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Don’t Forget about Costco for Car Rentals

The family and I are headed to Maui in August, and I’ve been looking at renting a convertible. The biggest issue with renting a convertible is that many of the discounts out there exclude convertibles. That’s a bummer.

The least expensive I could find for my dates was hovering around $425, which actually wasn’t terrible. Then I remembered that others have said that both Chase Ultimate Rewards and Costco often have extremely good pricing on rental cars. Great. First stop, Ultimate Rewards.

While I’ve found them to have pretty solid rental car deals, for whatever reason they don’t offer convertibles. No idea why.

Second stop, You don’t have to be a member to use the site, but you do have to be a member to actually make the reservation. For this trip, Costco had the same convertible (from Budget, in this case) for $310 – $115 cheaper than anywhere else. That more than covers the annual cost of Costco membership right there.

Just thought I’d remind everyone about that option….

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  1. While anyone can use the Costco website only a member can make the reservation. A member can make a reservation for a non-member. I make them for my parents all the time. They have the best rates for Hawaii rentals.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I did a quick search and indeed the price was less than I was finding on other sites.

  3. Costco doesn’t offer convertibles for liability reasons. It knows that you can’t fit 14 cases of toilet paper in the convertible without creating a hazard for other drivers. It’s just not a headache they need.

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