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Yes, Chase Will Give You the 60,000 Points for Recent Ink Bold and Ink Plus Apps

As discussed ad infinitum, Chase has upped the bonus on Chase Ink Bold and Ink Plus to 60,000 points. I had applied for (and received) an Ink Plus about 2 months ago and hit the minimum spend on it already when this promo launched.

I was initially a tad annoyed, but I sent the fine folks at Chase a secure message yesterday asking whether they could match the 60,000 point offer. Within a few hours they wrote back and offered me an extra 10,000 points to match the offer.

Lesson? I have no idea. But if you’ve recently (I have no idea what “recently” means here – certainly in the past few months) gotten an Ink Bold or Ink Plus, you should sent Chase a secure message asking them to match the 60k offer.

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  1. i’m coming up on 90 days of having the card. i got it in mid-march. just sent a secure message too… will report back and let you know how it goes. also met the spending limit already.

  2. Jared, I got my ink bold more than a year ago with the 50K offer, do you think Chase will match the new offer? (joking)

  3. Hi Jared:

    Happy to report that thanks to your wisdom, I got this to work for me as well. The points posted immediately. Seriously, you dish out the most useful advice! Thank you.

  4. Same time frame as you. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. The cutoff is 93 days.

  6. yea, 5 months is too old :P

  7. the sm says 90 days

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