Stories You Missed…And Didn’t Miss…This Week

Lots happened this week, and you may have missed some of it. And some of it there’s no way you missed, but I’m going to repeat it here anyway:

Something You Missed:
- The new (and improved?) PeoplExpress purchased XTRA Airways, a big step toward actually launching/re-launching the new/old airline. XTRA is an Idaho-based charter carrier, that was acquired for its FAA certificate (and 5 737-400s). Looks like PeoplExpress will actually get off the ground. The XTRA name will continue to exist for charter operations.

Something You Didn’t Miss:
- United added a revenue requirement (like Delta did) to earn Elite status going forward (details here). The revenue requirement (except for 1K) is waived when you spend $25k/year on a United credit card. I didn’t miss that United frequent flyers complained that there were too many Elites; then they complained again when United introduced this program that will cull the low-spend Elites from the rolls. This just shows the First Rule of Airline Policies (FRAP): Whatever change an airline makes to a policy, people will complain about it vocally.

- Norwegian Airlines, which has recently introduced long-haul flying to its short-haul budget repertoire, has gained a bit of notoriety when a story came out that they refused to give a teenager a blanket on an overnight flight because he only had cash, and not a credit card, to pay for the blanket. They also took back a cup of coffee from a woman on a Bangkok-Oslo flight after she did not have a credit card to pay for the drink, and then refused to give her anything to eat for 12 hours.

Didn’t Miss:
- Oh, did you know that the Chase Ink cards increased their bonus by 10,000 points for a few days? No? Then you must have missed the 2,308 mentions in every blog on the Internet.

- Delta’s CEO gave up his seat on a sold out flight so a standby passenger could get on board. Then he collected the $75 standby fee. (Just kidding…probably).

- Delta is offering a bit of a sale on award tickets to select destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America. Book by June 24th for travel September 3 – December 13th and it’s 30,000 miles for a roundtrip ticket instead of 35,000 miles.

- When you’ve gotten a US Airways credit card, have you gotten an offer a month later where they’ll give you 15,000 bonus miles when you spend $750/month for 3 months? I’ve had the card a few times and I’ve always gotten that offer. Now I think of that card as 50,000 bonus miles after $2,250 spend rather than 35,000 miles for no spend.

Didn’t Miss:
- Did you know there are lots of things you can do with the 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points you’ll get from the Chase Ink Bold? No? Then you haven’t read the 2,308 stories about what you can get with those points. Tsk Tsk.

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  1. what? you mean that the number of stories about chase cards did not increase in the time it took you to write three paragraphs?

    The Norwegian story is very interesting though. It is somewhat surprising that I have not seen a story like that earlier given that so many carriers are only taking credit cards. That really has not happened on AA or someone? It is interesting that the CEO is apologizing. Is he trying to say those folks should have gotten freebies? so I just have to show up and claim I do not have a credit card and everything is free?

  2. Interesting story about the Delta CEO, he is such a nice guy.

  3. you missed the story of the United flight from San Fran to London that had no toilet paper…

  4. lol it was a but silly how blogs kept posting top 10 ways to use ink points.

  5. I heard rumors that UR points transfer 1:1 into different airline and hotel programs

    Any truth to that rumor?

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