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The Easiest Way to Hit Minimum Spend on Chase Credit Cards

I’ve started to receive the credit cards from my churn a week ago, and I’m already starting to sweat — every time I do a churn I start to freak out roughly 7 hours after the cards arrive that I’m not going to hit the minimum spends. I always hit the minimum spends, but I’m immediately antsy that somehow this will be the time where I don’t.

This is ridiculous, of course, as there are a bunch of ways to hit minimum spends, all of which have been discussed on blogs ad infinitum.

Still, I’ve been reading about a really easy way to hit minimum spends on Chase credit cards (yes, I saw this on Flyertalk – where lots of us bloggers get information, so let’s skip the part where people complain about blogs writing stuff from Flyertalk — I’m talking to you, people who absolutely tore into Daraius at Million Mile Secrets in the comments of this post last week.)

And yes, others have mentioned this but for whatever reason people though this would expire on August 1st. It did not.

Here’s how it works:

– Chase will sell you gift cards up to $500 each with NO SHIPPING CHARGE (at least for the time being there is no shipping charge) and with no service fee at this website.

– You must pay for the purchase with a Chase credit card (so you can’t use this for minimum spends on cards issued by other banks, which is a bummer for my last churn).

– You can purchase up to $2,600 in cards in a rolling 30 day period on a give card.

– When you receive the card, you call the number on the back to activate it. Use the automated activation and they will assign you a PIN.

– Unfortunately you have to call each time individually to activate each card. IE, you cannot activate multiple cards in one phone call – you’ll have to call once for each call.

– Oh, and you’ll want to change the PIN on each card, because you’ll never keep all of those PINs straight.

– Wait to hear confirmation on the phone that the card is activated and the PIN has been changed.

– Go to Wal-Mart and load your Bluebird account with the Gift Card (it will work because there is a PIN — you cannot load a Gift Card with no PIN).

A Few Quick Notes:

1) Will this last forever? Nothing lasts forever.

2) What if you suddenly can no longer use these cards to fund the Bluebird account? Unlike the previously-mentioned Home Improvement Card Fiasco (HICF) these are just gift cards — use them anywhere, or use them on Amazon Payments if you really need to unload quickly.

3) So there’s no risk? There’s never no risk – but the risk here seems considerably lower than with the HICF since these cards can be spent like cash.

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  1. Unfortunately those gift cards are not for sale in select states, and I happen to live in one of them!

    • “This website does not support online sales of Chase Gift Cards to residents of the following states: AR, CT, HI, ME, NH, NJ, RI, VT. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

      That’s so lame, come on Chase!

  2. Great suggestion Jared, I’m waiting for my SWA CC to come so I can get some VRCs and 2 Chase GCs.

  3. This is so much better than hunting for VRs at CVS and hoping they take my CC.

  4. I recently panicked about hitting a minimum spend, and wound up buying myself a 2k Amex gift card. It cost $12 or so to buy, but I did it while logged into ebates, so I actually got $20 back for the purchase! Now I’ve made my minimum spend and am using the gift card for some business and travel expenses.

    I don’t think I could hit a lot of minimum spends this way, though – it’s stressful.

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