A Bunch of Really Random Stuff: DAE Closes, United and Chengdu, Vegan Meals and More

– Singapore Airlines’ low-fare subsidiary Scoot has added a no-kids section they’re calling “ScootSilence” (as if adults don’t ever make any noise). It’s basically a Premium Economy section right behind business class that offers 4 inches more legroom for an extra $15.

– United Airlines has applied to serve Chengdu, China, from San Francisco with a 787 beginning next June.

– German leisure carrier Condor is now offering vegan meal options. I don’t know why this is interesting, other than as US carriers have reduced special meal options, leave it to a German airline focusing on sun-seekers to provide a choice of “an antipasti platter with couscous salad, a stuffed tomato with diced cucumber, Italian vegetable terrine with olives, fruit salad, sunflower bread, vegetable spread or margarine, mineral water and cashew nuts.” Special meals cost between 7 and 15 Euro, depending on flight length.

– Dutch Antilles Express has suspended operations. The carrier served a number of Caribbean destinations, as well as flights from Curacao to Orlando and Miami.


  1. Interesting, I would have never guessed that Chengdu was the fourth largest city in China.

    Also interesting about DAE. I flew them and they are/were quite the joke. But that means that Insel now has a monopoly on those routes. Too bad.
    That reminds me. at MIA the DAE and Insel air flights always showed on the boards as ‘scheduled’ instead of the usual ontime/delayed/cancelled. Any idea what that means?