Ryanair: We Are Going to Try Not to Hate Our Customers in the Coming Months

I have about 1 minute to write something, but Ryanair’s outspoken CEO is admitting that perhaps, just a wee bit, the airline may have treated its customers, just perhaps, not as well as it could have.

“‘We should try to eliminate things that unnecessarily’ irritate people,” CEO Michael O’Leary is quoted as saying in a Reuters article today.

Here’s one thing that recently irritated people:

A front-page headline in the Irish newspaper The Daily Mail on the morning of the shareholder meeting said, “Ryanair sinks to new low,” after a Dublin surgeon was charged 188 euros, or $254, to reschedule a flight days after his entire family was killed in a fire in England.


In any case, O’Leary says that the airline will focus on customer service over the next 12 months (rather than blabbering about how they are going to charge people to go to the bathroom).

O’Leary made the remarks about the cultural changes at the Ryanair shareholder meeting, where shareholders spoke of seeing customers crying at the airport after dealing with Ryanair staff.

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