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It’s Just So Simple!

It’s just so simple! You can breeze through security by signing up for TSA Precheck. Simply hope that if you are a frequent flyer with certain airlines that they have reached out to you and asked you to be a member of TSA Pre. Then you’ll be automatically enrolled in TSA Pre so the next time you fly, you’ll breeze through security. It’s so simple! And if you’re not flying the airline that granted you the TSA Pre access, just fill in your TSA Pre number when you book your flight with the other airline and you’ll have TSA Pre access when you arrive at the airport. Not a frequent flyer? Just enroll in Global Entry, pay the $100 fee, and you’ll be given TSA Pre access, lickety split! Right after you send in the application. And set a date for an in-person interview. And get to the airport for the interview. Then, you’ll be whisking your way through security, like it’s 1987. Unless the airport you’re going to doesn’t have TSA Pre, then you won’t zip through security. Or if your boarding pass doesn’t say that you have TSA Pre for this particular flight, then you should stand in the regular security lane, removing your shoes and belt. It’s just so simple!

It’s just so simple! Just show your Star Alliance Gold card at any United lounge the same day you’re flying on a Star Alliance carrier, and you’ll be enjoying free internet, snacks and relaxation before your flight, regardless of what class of service you’re flying! Unless you have Gold status with United or with US Airways, in which case you will not have access to United lounges in the United States. But don’t worry! If you’re flying TO the United States on an international flight in business class with Star Alliance Gold generated with United and you’re connecting to a domestic First ticket, you’ll still get access to the lounge because of the business class ticket on the in-bound flight. Unless one of our staff isn’t aware of that and just looks at your onward ticket in domestic First Class and doesn’t let you in. If you flew from LA to New York on a first class ticket and are continuing onward to London in coach, you are out of luck, unless you have Star Alliance Gold status with an airline other than United or US Airways, in which case you are in luck! Welcome!

It’s just so simple! Fly with one of our many alliance partners and you’ll earn valuable miles with our airline that help you get elite status and earn free trips! Please note, certain lower fare class tickets earn 25% or 50% of actual miles to earn toward your frequent flyer program. Certain Lufthansa fares will earn no miles toward the frequent flyer program and will earn no miles toward Elite Status. Certain Premium Economy fares will earn no miles or elite status even though they cost more than regular coach fares. Lufthansa “P” fares will generally require multiple phone calls to our airline to convince our representatives that the P fare was, in fact, a discount Business Class fare, and not a promotional non-point-earning coach fare. Similar phone calls will need to be made any time you fly Premium Economy.

It’s so simple! Use your hard-earned miles to upgrade your next international flight! Upgrades are easily redeemable to move yourself from coach up to the comforts of business class. We’ve summarized the few simple rules into this easy-to-read chart.


We hope these few reminders showed you just how simple it is to fly with us!

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  1. That’s weird. None of that seems simple. Your post is confusing.

  2. I guess “say wha” doesn’t get sarcasm.

    Seriously, this has been a pet peave of mine for several years now. Particularly with regard to the frequent flyer rules. Nobody can really understand them anymore. I’ve been a lifetime elite at Continental, and now United, for more than 20 years, and I’m still somewhat baffled on how their upgrade system works “in the real world.” They actually now keep it kind of “black box.” That’s crazy. Nobody can understand the rules anymore. It’s become like the Federal tax code. I don’t think that’s too good for encouraging loyalty.

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