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US Airways Takes First Step to Dismantling Its Frequent Flyer Program (Also, The Merger Was Approved)

You’ve read the elsewhere, no doubt, but I would be remiss if I did not mention that that the government approved the US Airways/AA merger. The airlines agreed to:

– Divest 52 pairs of slots at Reagan airport
– Divest 17 pairs of slots at LaGuardia
– Give up slots at Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami.
– Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia have a 5-year guarantee that the airlines will keep daily service.

And that’s about it – about 112 flights out of a total of 6,700 were affected. Lots of hubbub over not that much. I would have to assume that when the carriers were discussing the merger they would have been satisfied with this result.

I’ll assume this is the first step toward the beginning of the end of Dividend Miles. Oh, Dividend Miles….sure, hard-core mileage nerds loved your 90k business class award to Asia, but because you didn’t allow one-way redemptions you never got that much respect. We’re going to miss you when we have to pay $625 in fuel surcharges to fly to Paris.

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  1. When do you think will be the last day on which to earn BIS miles on US?

    • The only thing they’ve said is that they’re going to try to combine the programs sooner rather than later. But combining programs takes a while, so you have some time (I know, that’s a terrible answer)

  2. So the final date isn’t the “completion” of the merger, it’s the combining of the FF programs?

    • Generally airlines have run separate frequent flyer programs and merged them eventually after the merger. IE, merger first, FF combination second.

  3. What did this have to do with their frequent flyer program?

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