Tiger Airways Launches Lowfare Service to Maldives from Singapore

I know that every blogger is obsessed with talking about going to the Maldives for some reason, so given that I thought I’d pass along that Tiger Airways is launching nonstop lowfare service between Singapore and Male, Maldives, beginning in late January.

The 4x weekly flight costs about US$200 round trip, which is a bargain compared to other options. Plus there are lots of ways to get to Singapore on miles and you can just add on a ticket on Jet Airways. Though from what I read elsewhere nobody ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever flies coach to the Maldives, so perhaps I being a heretic by even suggesting someone fly part of that trip on a cheap ticket in coach.

Flights are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, departing Singapore at 9:50am, arriving 11:25am; depart Male at 12:15pm, arriving Singapore at 7:40pm.

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  1. What is this “coach” thing you speak of?

  2. Thanks for the post. I flew coach from London and am alive to tell about it!

  3. Lol, how dare you suggest flying on anything but a flying shower to the Maldives!

  4. This seems very odd. The government of the Maldives seems very keen on tightly controlling tourism, to ensure that it remains only a “premium” (expensive) experience. Allowing commoners and cheapskates to get there on a $200 RT flight doesn’t make any sense.

    Maybe this is just so the high-end hotels can import some low-wage labor from the mainland?

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