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Yes, Apparently You Can Cancel Those Cheap United Tickets You Bought on Wideroe

A week ago I was very excited to read about the deal for very cheap tickets to Europe and the Middle East on United when you purchased through Wideroe. As you’ve no doubt read, they were selling tickets with no fuel surcharges, leading to fares as low as $120 round trip to Milan.

In my case, I was excited about tickets to Dubai for $275. So I checked with my wife, who was swept up in my enthusiasm about the trip, and I purchased 4 tickets for us to go in February. Fantastic.

Then 2 days later my wife had a few not-unreasonable questions about the trip. Questions like:

– Wait, we’re going in coach? (Yes – but I got us in Economy Plus!)
– Wait, how long is the layover in Washington? (Er, 4 hours)
– Wait, how long is the flight? (Um, 14 hours back)
– Wait, what time does the flight leave? (1 o’clock….in the morning)

It went on like that, again – not unreasonably, for a few more questions and it made me realize: hm, I don’t think she wants to go on this trip.

Reading through the thread about this on Flyertalk there appeared to be plenty of people who bought first and asked questions later, hoping their spouse was cool with the whole thing. Good for them.

It was my anniversary on Monday and I decided that my wife has put up with me and 12 years of travel-related stupidity and that as part of her anniversary gift, I would cancel the trip.

Which was a problem, as I didn’t think the trip was cancellable.

I went on Wideroe’s site, used the chat feature and chatted with someone who was very, very quick to offer to cancel the trip when I asked if I could cancel the trip without fees. I don’t know if this is because my confirmation said “refundable” on it (even though I know the fare was not refundable), or whatever. But he canceled the trip late Sunday night and the credit (full) posted to my credit card today.

Which is all to say – if you’re having second thoughts (or your spouse is having second thoughts) about the trip you booked, feel free to Live Chat the fine folks at Wideroe – they may be able to help.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your luck in getting a refund. I also booked 3 tickets to Dubai (a 14 hour flight from DC) for my family (including my 15 month old). When I told my husband, he was initially excited but after enduring 8 hours on a flight with our toddler over Thanksgiving, he told me to cancel as he would not be able to take 14 hours to Dubai. I emailed Wideroe and received this response “These particular special offer tickets from United Airlines cannot be changed or refunded in any way unfortunately.” I initiated a chat and got the same. After reading your post I decided to try again and mentioned that I read online that others were able to cancel their United tickets and this time it worked! Saved me nearly a $1000!

    • That is absolutely fantastic! (And also sad that none of us will be going to Dubai). Now go ask your husband to buy you something nice to make up for it :)

  2. I canceled mine also.

    Somehow I”m not that sad that I’m missing out on Dublin in February. In coach.

  3. I also bought in haste and had second thoughts on one of the trips. Though my ticket is coded as non-refundable on the site, but your post inspired me to try live chat. Unfortunately I was not successful, but would be interested in knowing if anyone with non-refundable tickets had success in getting them to cancel them without penalty?

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