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You Have Until March 30th to Redeem Your US Airways Miles on Star Alliance Carriers

US Airways announced that it will be leaving the Star Alliance on March 30th and joining Oneworld the next day. What does that mean for you?

It means that you may want to grab that last US Airways credit card for 35,000 quick miles since that will disappear at some point when the US Airways name goes away. The good news is that you can use those on Star carriers until March 30th and on Oneworld airlines after that. Keep in mind, though, that that’s a Barclays Card and generally you can only get 1 every six months. So you can decide whether you want to get the Lufthansa 50,000 mile deal (which ends Sunday) or get the 35k US Airways card.

They have not yet announced when they’ll be merging the US Airways and American frequent flyer programs. Starting early next year you’ll be able to earn and redeem reciprocally, but it will likely take months before you’ll be able to combine the miles into one program. Remember that with United and Continental there was a period where you could move the miles back and forth between programs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they take that approach.

You can book a flight on Star Alliance for after March 30th, you just have to make that booking before March 31st. You should be able to make changes to that award booking without issue (fingers crossed).

Finally, they said that the first of the reciprocal benefits will be announced in January, likely starting with access to both sets of lounges.

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