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Thursday Roundup: Biman Bangaldesh, Delta, 3% Cash Back on Amex Gift Cards and More

– Biman Bangladesh will launch twice-weekly JFK – Birmingham (BHX) – Dhaka service beginning in the spring with a 777. Fares will be available in January and will start at about $150 each way between New York and Birmingham (that’s $150 plus taxes, so about $23,000).

– A man says that his Delta flight confirmation code was H8GAYS.

– Etihad may save long-struggling Alitalia.

– Delta is adding Seattle – Juneau and Seattle – San Jose service. The big story in US aviation this year is the US Airways – American merger; but I think what Delta is doing in Seattle is a close runner-up. Sure, airlines go after each other all the time. But I cannot think of an instance where one of the airlines in a strong formal partnership (like Delta and Alaska) has decided to go after the partner so viciously. I don’t understand it at all. I really feel like I’m missing something.

– For those of you who like to manufacture spend through Amex Gift Cards, TopCashBack (referral link) is now offering 3% back. (If that means nothing to you: you can buy Amex gift cards and get 3% cash back thru Topcashback. It costs $3.95 per $500 card, but the $15 you’d get back more than makes up for it. Shipping is $8.95, but they offer a $99/year free shipping option, which you’ll see at checkout. You can use that option for free for 3 months, then cancel. The biggest drawback to this whole scheme is unloading all the gift cards you buy. Some CVSs allow you to purchase Vanilla Reloads with them, but many do not. Otherwise, unload $1k/month through Amazon Payments, or just use them as you would another Amex). Whew.

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