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New Year’s Roundup: Silvercar, Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card Is Back, 3X Miles with Citi AA Card

A few things for the new year:

– Silvercar is offering 30% off rentals on or before January 16th when you use code RESET. The code expires tonight (January 2nd) at 11:59pm Eastern.

– The Hawaiian Airlines credit cards are back after a several month absence, though they’re now with Barclays (rather than Bank of America and Bank of Hawaii). Terms are slightly different. The personal card offers 35,000 miles after $1,000 spend, and an $89 annual fee that is not waived. The business card offers 35,000 miles after first purchase, with an $89 fee that is not waived. People loved the cards because you can transfer the miles to Hilton at a 1:2 rate, so now you’re basically buying 70,000 Hilton points for $89. This isn’t as great a deal as it once was, given the devaluation at Hilton. The other issue is that Barclays doesn’t issue cards willynilly – generally they allow 1 Barclay card every 6 months. So while you and your spouse used to be able to grab 280,000 Hilton points for very little work, that’s no longer the case. Plus, between the Barclays Arrival, the Lufthansa deal that comes and goes, and the US Airways card (may it rest in peace soon), there have been more useful Barclays options for most people. I’ve updated the list of credit card offers.

– I just received an offer for my Citi AA card giving 3X miles on purchases at department stores, gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores through March 31st, up to 2,500 bonus miles. Click here to see if you’re eligible.

– One of the great airline dork resources has disappeared: Nerds like me enjoyed checking the Yahoo News Airline page because of the wonderfully random assortment of press releases and wire news stories on there. Yahoo, as part of its infinite set of “improvements” appears to have killed the page. How will I find out when St Louis Airport opens a new Cinnabon? (UPDATE: The Yahoo Airline News page is back. Must’ve been a glitch. Whew.)

– UAE’s RAK Airways has ceased operations. They were flying 2 A320s to Doha, Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Jeddah, Riyadh, Calicut and Kathmandu from the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

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  1. The new 35,000 miles Hawaiian Airlines card is a good deal. The 50%
    companion ticket to Hawaii is not as bad as it sounds too.

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