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Friday Roundup: People Express, Ghana Airways Restaurant, Turbulence, Ryanair

– The new fledgling People Express has purchased the remains of Ryan International Airlines (that’s not Ryanair) for $500,000. For that low low price they’ll get a bunch of crap, but most importantly they’ll get an FAA 121 operating certificate, which they would likely want because it allows for international flying. Who knows if they’ll ever get off the ground, but between this purchase and their purchase of XTRA Airways a while back, they’ve got a bunch of the pieces.

– A United Airlines 777 on its way from Newark to Beijing turned around after 45 minutes because several flight attendants were injured during a bout of severe turbulence over Maine (Note that the reporter calls the airplane a “Boeing 772”. As I’ve probably written here a dozen times, you should not be worried that your plane will crash, but you should be worried about being hurt very badly if you do not wear your seatbelt while flying.

– Ryanair’s softening of its image campaign continues this week with the announcement that it will update some of its policies and products to go after business travelers. They said that in the coming weeks they’ll announce business-focused changes, including “flexible tickets, reserved seating and fast-track through selected airports.” Previously they announced that they would stop crapping all over their customers and (like Spirit Airlines) assign everyone a seat prior to boarding, even if they didn’t pay the 5 Euro advance-seating fee.

– Check out this extremely cool restaurant in Ghana that was built out of an old Ghana Airways DC-10. Dammit, now I have to go to Ghana. Who’s in?

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  1. Im sure there is a lounge there that you and gary can use to shoot the first episode of your new TV show.

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