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Anyone Having This Issue with the Southwest Credit Card?

A reader wrote yesterday with this question:

I just received this letter from Chase: “We’re writing to provide you with information about your new account, Southwest Airlines, which offers a bonus premium to new card members. the terms and condition associated with the new account state that the premium is only available to new card members. Since our records show that you have taken advantage of the offer or a similar offer within the past two years, your account is not eligible to receive the premium.”
BACKGROUND: I have not had this exact card before. Card in question is Chase SW Business Plus. Of SW cards, I have only had the (non-business) Premier, which I canceled a few months back.

Has anyone else had an issue where Chase would not offer a bonus on a Southwest credit card because you’ve had a DIFFERENT Southwest credit card in the past?

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  1. Good news! I got a follow-up letter from Chase today stating that it was a mistake that was caused by my wife’s app having the same FF #, which triggered everything. i.e., 50k plus 50k going into my account. Chase apologized for the confusion and stated they will re-insert the points. Wife got a letter at the same time that said she must have accidentally wrote my FF# on her app, and that they contacted SW, obtained her correct FF # (I did verify it was correct), and re-issued her a card (just arrived). Lesson Learned. Not worth the stress to accidentally enter my ff # on wife”s app. PLEASE NOTE the reference in the originally Chase letter re churning this offer every two years. As a related side note, my buddy has churned Saphire 4 times in two years. I grilled him so I know he is not lying. I am doing my second saphire churn right now. Points not deposited yet but will let you know if you want. I have also churned BA but that was maybe because of switch to Avios.

    • Great news about the Southwest card…

      Your friend may have churned the Sapphire card because he got both a Visa and a MC, which are considered different cards. If he did each of those every 2 years, that may be how he did it…

      Did the letter say you can churn 2 years after you got the first card, or 2 years after you canceled the first card?

  2. The letter did not say. I copied (what was in quotes) exactly what it said. I was wondering the same thing, but too scared to ask for clarification.

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