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Adorable Pittsburgh Airport Wants Emirates to Fly There

This article about Pittsburgh Airport executives wooing Emirates to try to get them to fly A380s to Pittsburgh is just the absolute cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

The article says that an Allegheny County executive is going to Dubai to talk to “an airline known as Emirates” (never heard of them!) to convince them “how this market is perfect for a hub.”

Absolutely perfect!

The executive says his “antenna immediately went up” when he read about Emirates buying 50 A380s. And why wouldn’t Emirates want to make a hub at the 46th busiest airport in the US?

OHHHHH, I know why. As the article notes, it’s illegal. Emirates can’t pick up passengers in Pittsburgh and fly them anywhere in the US.

But isn’t that just the cutest?

The executive says “his high hope is that Pittsburgh can serve as a hub for Emirates airline, increasing the number of domestic flights leaving Pittsburgh and flying to places such as Nashville and Los Angeles.” Why not!

Sure, the article quotes naysayers who note “that is against the law” and “that is completely impossible,” but they are just poopyheads.

Good luck, Pittsburgh! You’re the cutest!


(Thanks, TL)

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  1. If the story wasn’t weird enough, he’s bringing a DELEGATION to Dubai with him? Does that include wives, girlfriends, mistresses, etc?

    It’s pretty unimaginable to me that Emirates would ever want to fly to PIT, et alone establish some sort of hub there. Heck, it’s a bold move that Qatar is going to fly to PHL with a US/AA codeshare in place. Are the PIT folks going to propose that Emirates set up a US-majority-owned subsidiary (“Emirates America”?) to do domestic feeder flights for them? From PIT? Good luck with that.

  2. hahahaha sounds like someone (or someone’s wife) wants to go to Dubai on vacation.