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If You Haven’t Yet Received a Decision about Your Citi AA Executive Application…

My wife was immediately approved for the 100k offer for the Citi AA Executive card, but I was told my application was pending. I found that odd because I managed to ruin my wife’s credit when I forgot to pay a $6 bill on a Bank of Hawaii card 2 years ago (sorry, hon!).

I called the number Citi gives you to find out more information and each of 3 times that I called, I was told they couldn’t help me and I had to wait 7-10 days for the decision.

But the OTR waits for no decision, so I was thrilled when reader JC emailed me to tell me he was in the same situation and called this number: 888-201-4523. They gave him a (positive) decision immediately.

I called and it turns out I had to move some credit around to get approved. I did, and I was.

If you’re a heavy churner it’s very possible you have 4 Citi cards (at least) open already (2 AA cards, an AA business card, and a Hilton card). That may be the issue – call 888-201-4523 and they’ll be able to help. And unlike other banks I’ve dealt with (Barclays) they aren’t annoyed when you ask them to move credit around.

Good luck!

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  1. Just had to do the same. CSR said everything looked good but needed a manager to sign off. Did you have that secondary issue?

  2. Thanks. I’ll let you know what turns up.

  3. Took the plunge and applied for the card today. I applied for the regular Citi AA card a few months back for 50k miles and couldn’t pass up the 100k miles & club access.

    I received the “pending” application notice and called the above number right away. After some button pushing I spoke with a very nice agent who said my application was approved within a couple minutes. The only additional info she asked me for was a cell phone number but I doubt that was what was holding up my app.

    Now to find some good manufactured spending opportunities…

  4. Approved. Guess she was just telling me the nitty gritty of process.

  5. Applied today, got a pending notification with the number 800-695-5171 to call immediately for a decision. They only wanted to discuss a fairly low $5,000 credit limit, and agreed to move $5,000 more from one of my other AA cards to make it easier to hit the $10,000 spend.

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