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A Clarification on Which US Airways Flights Earn United Miles

Based on what I’ve seen elsewhere, there is still some confusion (including my own confusion) around which US Airways flights earn United miles, now that US Airways is owned by American. Here we go…Until March 30th:

– US Airways flights on US Airways metal will earn United miles, as they always have.

– US Airways flights that are a codeshare with American Airlines that are on American Airlines metal will NOT earn United miles.

– US Airways Express flights operated by any of their express partners WILL earn United miles.

– Keep in mind that Republic flights Express flights for both US Airways and American. That is confusing. Just saying.

– American Airlines codeshare flights that are operated by US Airways WILL earn United miles.

The rule of thumb is that the operating carrier determines whether you’ll earn miles with United.

(Thanks to this FT thread…)

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  1. I suspect your summary only matters to airline geeks — 99% of the population is going to be clueless — but, for us, it’s useful.

    I currently have status in both AA and UA, and did just flip a US flight to be credited to AA instead of UA because AA had a 50% bonus for doing so.

    I did notice on the ita matrix site today that “every” US and AA flight seemed to be displaying as available — at the same price — from both carriers. This seems to be a result of the codeshare announced yesterday. If it matters to you, it definitely pays to figure out exactly what metal you’ll be flying if you want to choose your ff credit.

    Fortunately, this problem will be gone April 1 when US exits Star. Then you’ll just have a few more months to decide whether to credit AA or US. I suspect this won’t really matter, though.

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