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Friday Roundup: Death Fares Dead; Ritz-Carlton Goes Kosher; Hawaiian & Qantas Cancel Flights

– American Airlines has eliminated its bereavement fares, which must mean people have stopped dying. So that’s good news.

– Ritz-Carlton is adding kosher catering at 11 of its hotels, including 6 in Florida, 2 in Atlanta, Battery Park in NYC, Grand Cayman and Puerto Rico. If you were ever curious where religious Jews go on vacation, it’s apparently those places.

– Hawaiian Airlines is dropping its Fukuoka nonstop service as of June 30th.

– Qantas continues to shrink its network, canceling its Perth-Singapore service as of July 22.

– The US is eliminating Visa fees for Chilean citizens visiting the US, which, one hopes, would mean the elimination of the ridiculous reciprocal visa fee for Americans visiting Chile.

– Welcome, Air Kazakhstan!

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  1. That Chilean visa fee story is huge for those (few) Norteamericanos like myself who like to visit South America. Their reciprocity fee was an expensive pain because every time you got a new passport, you needed to pay the (now) $160 fee again. And really bad if you took your kids, because their passports expire every 5 years anyway. Great reason to now book a ff award ticket back to Chile: highly recommended to visit during the USA winter.

    This post says the fee for US citizens arriving at SCL has already been discontinued.

  2. Avi Greengart

    Kosher catering at hotels is about events (weddings and bar mitzvahs), not vacations for individuals and families. You can’t go to one of these locations and get kosher room service, or indeed any kosher food on the property at all unless you’re catering for a large enough group to justify the additional staff (a kosher supervisor) and kosher food supplies.

  3. Avi Greengart

    …weddings, bar mitzvahs, and synagogue/organizational dinners.

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