Trip Report: Dulles – JFK on JetBlue (By an 8 Year Old)

One common theme that runs through basically every trip report I’ve ever read is that they’re written by people who are over the age of 8. Well, I’m putting a stop to that today. As I mentioned last week, one of my 8 year old girls flew unaccompanied for the first time on JetBlue from Dulles to JFK yesterday. Because it takes her approximately an hour and a half to type 3 sentences, I thought it would be best if she would tell me her trip report, and I could write it up here for her.

I forgot to ask her to take photos, so you’ll have to imagine what a seat on a plane looks like. Also, she did not have any champagne so those of you who like to hear about free champagne should skip.

Where: Dulles (near Grandma and Zeide’s house) – New York JFK Airport
Airline: JetBlue Flight “I don’t know what flight number”
Aircraft: “I guess it was a pretty big plane”

We got to the airport pretty early and we went up to check in. No, we didn’t check in online (laughing). We had to go to the man at the counter, and it took a while because he had to scan all these pieces of paper saying who was dropping me off and who was picking me up. It took a while for him to do that. I wasn’t sure if they’d let both Grandma and Zeide through security with me, but they did.

I didn’t get to pick my seat, but they gave me the window seat in the last row of the plane. All of the kids traveling alone have to sit in the last row so the flight attendants can watch them.

Security was really fast – maybe we waited 3 minutes.

Gate & Boarding
Grandma brought me a bunch of snacks – grapes, cereal, chocolates, a Dum Dum lollypop. I said goodbye, and a guy named Pete took me to my seat and he took care of me during the flight.

Pete brought me to my seat in the last row and there was no one in the row with me. But there was a man sitting in the aisle across from me, and he said “hi” to me when I sat down. The plane was pretty full.

In-Flight Service
Pete gave me all these snacks at the beginning before we took off – I had Doritos, and chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of water. He asked if I had headphones, and I didn’t so he gave me TWO pairs of headphones.

The TV was already on, so I didn’t have to figure out how to turn it on. There wasn’t anything good on Disney, so I watched HGTV. I watched parts of 2 different episodes of Love It or List It. That show is soooooo good!

During the flight Pete came by with drinks and I had a SPRITE! He also gave me pretzels. They made an announcement that because the flight was so short that they were only going to give out drinks and pretzels, but Pete gave me a whole bunch of snacks. And I couldn’t figure out how to open the can of Sprite, so I asked Pete and he opened it for me. I only drank half of it.

Since I’m small I think every seat has lots of legroom, so I guess the seat was fine.

One really cool thing when we landed they showed us that right outside the plane there was the biggest airplane in the world. It’s called a A Something? It was really big.

I was the last one off the plane and Pete took me to the front of the plane and another guy took me to another gate. I waited there for like 10 minutes, and then someone else came around with a girl who wasn’t traveling with her parents. The guy I was with kept talking on a walkie-talkie to see if someone could get me. Then someone did and took me to where my parents and sister were standing.

Final Thoughts
I would fly JetBlue again. I like the TV part. And the snacks were really good.


  1. Best. Trip. Report. Ever.

  2. OMG that was awesome. thanks!

  3. Maybe her next flight can be on Spirit, so we can compare and contrast. :) I wonder if an 8-year-old can tell that Spirit sucks. Maybe not, because the legroom wouldn’t be an issue and she’s not likely to pay all the fees out of her own pocket. And I think Spirit even gives the kids a drink and snack (after mom & dad have already paid their unaccompanied minor fee, of course!).

    • We’ve flown Spirit. To your point, every seat is First Class for kids. And kids get everything for free (because their parents pay for it). Their complaint was with the lack of seatback TV, which is understandable. But she also complains about the seatback TV on United in coach because I won’t shell out $6 for it :)

      • Yeah, I always hated UA’s decision to replace free entertainment with the overpriced TVs — that almost nobody will pay for. Last week, though, Mommypoints posted a link to a site where you can “pre-buy” the UA TV for 5 bucks (including the longer flights, where they charge 8 bucks). For 5 bucks on a long flight I’d treat the kids. Heck, I might even treat somebody else’s kid, if they were screaming and kicking my seat. :)

  4. Well done, Pete of JetBlue! Sounds like she was happy and felt secure.

    Great trip report, btw!

  5. Ahhh to be young again. Pre-jaded traveling when you had no idea you should be complaining about half the stuff you naively thought was perfectly fine at the time. Please do more of these!
    (Although the novice-level report shines through when there’s no actual picture provided of that bottle of water mentioned. So many bloggers are shaking their heads in disappointment at that childish omission.) (Which is why you need to do more of these.)

  6. Awesome.

  7. great reporting.

  8. Overall a good trip report, although you forgot to tell me how my kids can fly JetBlue for free by getting the Chase MyFirst credit card which gives 5 points per dollar spent on crayons.

  9. Loved it! I expect Grandma and Zeide loved having this young traveler with them. Where’s she going next?

  10. This 8 year old is a natural journalist. She was informative, observant, paid attention to detail and had a wonderful understanding of the procedures on and off the airplane.
    Bravo!! Loved this report. What an amazing girl!!