Notable New Routes: Curacao, Haiti and More

– JetBlue will launch nonstop service to Curacao (my favorite Caribbean island) beginning in December 2014. Twice weekly nonstop service from JFK will be available Tuesdays and Saturdays. Roundtrip fares start at a reasonable $325 or so.

– Ameircan Airlines will launch service from Miami to Cap Haitien in northern Haiti beginning in October, becoming the first international airline to serve that airport.

– KLM is ending longstanding service to Luanda Lusaka, Zambia.

– Seaport Airlines (?) is launching nonstop service between San Diego and Burbank. Fares start at $77 each way.

– United is dropping San Francisco – Guadelajara on September 22nd.

– Anyone looking for an upgraded business class experience — American Airlines will run 5 (of its 7) daily flights between JFK and Miami on 757s with international business class configurations (angled lie-flat).


  1. interesting news about jetblue. so its basically replacing United’s service which is good but not great. Curacao is fantastic. did you know that boeing does some of their 787-900 tests here? Yesterday there was a United painted 787 at the airport and a while ago air nippon.

    cap haitien?? really? so Caracas is not enough of a money pit?

    Luanda? Zambia? ummmm I assume you mean Angola. I doubt KLM flies to Lusaka… no oil there.

    • Son of a bitch! I meant Lusaka. I’ll fix. (I’m confusing my obscure African capitals.)

    • I had no idea about Boeing & Curacao….I wish I could’ve seen that….

      The loss of United to Curacao (which my daughters vomited on in both directions) was a sad one…glad to see someone jump in on that.