The Most Underrated Flight Amenity Is…

I arrived in Sao Paulo this morning after the overnight flight in coach (as always: not as terrible as everyone makes it out to be). I’ll write a bit more about that later, but I wanted to point out what is actually the most underrated flight amenity:

The shower in the arrival lounge.

Even when I fly up front, after overnight flights I generally feel (and look!) like I’ve been run over twice by a truck. The in-flight experience is what it is, and even in a lie-flat bed I get a pretty crappy night’s sleep. So I was thrilled when I came into the Admirals Club lounge at Sao Paulo’s airport (thanks, AA Exec credit card!) and used their shower facility. Now I feel like a million bucks. A million bucks that slept about 4 hours sitting up, but a million bucks nonetheless.

I’m not sure why whether the airline adds a slice of lemon to your Diet Coke gets more mentions on blogs than the lounge shower, but whatever….you can keep your lemon and I’ll just take a shower.

(Side note: the much, much reviled United Club at Sao Paulo closed down in June. For those who have sat on the floor for hours while 600 other people squeezed into a space meant for 175, I had a little tinge of sadness when I saw they had shut its disgusting doors for the final time…)


  1. United is one of the handful of airlines to have moved in to the big, new awesome Terminal 3 at GRU, and they share a brand new Star Alliance lounge there, hence the closing of United’s old tiny lounge in Terminal 2.

    • The bummer for me today was that even though I had 3 hours at GRU, I have a United Club card but I can’t use it to get into a Star Alliance club unless I have a continuing flight on a Star carrier (which, sadly, I did not).

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