The One Statistic That Sums Up Pittsburgh Airport

From the NY Times article today about how the airport will generate more than 20% of its operating budget by allowing fracking on its land:

The terminal was built for 30 million passengers a year. The peak was just under 21 million, in 1997. Last year, there were eight million.



  1. And the lesson is … don’t put your all of your eggs in the “airline hubbing strategy basket.” Instead, build to your natural market and then insist that the airline truly takes on the risk for anything beyond (and can’t bail by using the bankruptcy courts!)

  2. I recently flew out of Pittsburgh airport and was shocked by how long the security lines were and how little space there was for them. Now I’m even more confused. I realize security has changed over the years, but how did they ever expect to process 30 million people when they struggle to process 8 million?

  3. Jonathan, the 30 million people were comprised primarily of connecting passengers not needing to go through security between connecting flights.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same statistics were true for CVG after DL’s cuts have effectively made it into a micro-hub. But hey, there are 4 runways with the capability for 3 simultaneous takeoff/landings, so perhaps it will be attractive to some airline as a hub in the future. They have revived a bit as a cargo hub for DHL and some LCCs are adding routes.