In Case You Were Wondering How Bad the Traffic Is In Sao Paulo…

On the 4-lane highway to the airport there were people standing in the highway – not NEXT to the highway, IN the highway – selling crap. On a highway. In the middle of the highway. Because the “highway” moves at 5 mph. So people can stand IN the highway. I’ve never seen that anywhere.


  1. Same thing in Rio on the way to the airport

  2. Same thing in Istanbul coming in from SAW.

  3. The “Marginal Tiete”, is one of the most congested ways (NOT a high-way by any means!) in the world!
    The metro-area of SP is 20 million people, large!

  4. ummm, its better when they do this on a congested highway not an empty one. I have experienced people standing in empty winding 4 lane highways in oman waiting for a bus or something…. freaking scary.