Monday Roundup: Hawaiian Airlines to SFO; Delta Shuttle; Alaska Airlines Bathrooms

– Hawaiian Airlines will launch 4x weekly service between Maui and San Francisco on November 20th, moving to daily service on December 17th. Remember about 5-6 years ago when Aloha closed down and ATA closed down, it ended a bunch of West Coast service to Hawaii and the feeling was that it would never return. I guess we were wrong about that.

– Delta is moving its LaGuardia to Boston shuttle operations from the Marine Air Terminal to Terminal C on November 2nd. As part of the move they’ll upgauge the plane from an Embraer 175 to a Boeing 717. Washington DC shuttle operations stay at the Marine terminal and will continue to be serviced by the Embraer.

– A couple is suing Alaska Airlines because they were not allowed to use the First Class bathroom when they were flying in coach.

– Want to read a short interview with the founder of the new PeoplExpress?


  1. Not that it matters a whit, but you’ve got the lede wrong on the Alaska bathroom lawsuit.

  2. It’s really Alaska that’s filled the gap in Hawaii flying, with flights to 4 islands from both OAK and SJC. Seems like most service Hawaiian has been adding has been in response to Alaska.