Apparently You Can Churn the Chase Fairmont Visa Card

Just a quick one:

A friend (and reader) just let me know that he and his wife both received a second bonus on the Chase Fairmont Visa Signature credit card (2 nights stay with breakfast). He and his wife had each gotten the card a bit over a year ago. They earned the free nights after $3,000 spend in 3 months. They closed the account after 11 months, then opened another card a month or two later. They received the free nights again after they hit the bonus.

Anyone else have this same experience?


  1. I recall reading somewhere recently that Chase has changed some of the wording in the terms and conditions for some cards that would allow for churning. I believe the Fairmont was one of the cards.

  2. Yes, but the language for the Fairmont and Hyatt cards does not have this new 2-year clause. Great news if true!

  3. How do the 2 night certs work? Do they expire? Can you save up through a few churns for 1 long stay?