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Roundtrip Business Class Flights to Paris from Washington: $750 on OpenSkies in October

(Thanks, Flyertalk)

Openskies has roundtrip flights to Paris Orly for only $750 ROUND TRIP (tax included!) in the business seat for travel in October. Yeah, that’s right – $750 in business class.

If you’ve never flown them, Openskies offers what they call “business seat” service, which is akin to what the old non-flat Continental BusinessElite seats used to be like (or are still like on the 767s). It’s a steal at this price.

FWIW – you’ll also earn about 11,000 British Airways miles for the trip.

Speaking of which, you can redeem BA miles for Openskies flights to Paris for only 75,000 miles (they consider the service to be Premium Economy, but it’s so much better than that). It’s a fantastic redemption option many forget about.


100,000 + Mile Bonuses Available When Flying Full-Fare Tickets on British Airways (and AA and Iberia)

If you don’t fly British Airways using full-fare (non-discounted) tickets, you can skip this…

But if you do (ie, if your work is paying for it), they’ve got a great promotion going on through the end of the year (register here): They’re giving you 25,000 bonus miles when you fly 1 trans-Atlantic trip on a full-fare ticket (in any class) on British Airways, American Airlines or Iberia. The second trip nets another 35,000 bonus miles. The third (and all others thereafter) 45,000 bonus miles. Sadly, flights on Openskies don’t count.

You have until December 31st to take the trips in these fare classes:

First (booking classes F, A)
Business Class (booking classes J, C, D, R, I)
World Traveller Plus Premium Economy (booking classes W, E, T)
Economy (booking classes Y, B, H).


British Airways Changes Executive Club: On Plus Side, New York – London Is Now 40,000 Miles

Starting November 1st, British Airways is changing the name of its Executive Club frequent flyer program to Avios (see details here).

The biggest change for folks in the US is that coach flights to London from the East Coast and Midwest are now only 40,000 miles round trip (plus ridiculous fuel surcharges) rather than 50,000 miles. World Traveller Plus is 60,000 miles, Business Class is 80,000 miles (down from 100,000) and First Class is 120,000 miles (down from 150,000).

They’re basically now dividing the world into Zones, rather than by country (for example, Los Angeles and New York are now in different zones, which is why flights to London will be 50,000 miles from LA and 40,000 from New York). Unfortunately, BA hasn’t published a chart of what areas/countries are in what zone. Israel, for example, has moved so that it now costs 25,000 miles round trip from Israel to London instead of 20,000. Cyprus, Mauritius and Kosovo, for example, have also become more expensive (see details, such as they are, here).

On the other hand, flights to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Cairo have become less expensive (see here again).

They’ll also allow you to pay for hotels and car rentals with points starting in November.

Finally, they’re changing short-haul intra-Europe awards so there’s a co-pay of 27 Euro or 27 Pounds in addition to the 9000/15000/20000 miles required.

Spending BA points on BA has always been an expensive proposition because of the fuel surcharges, so while these changes are a mixed bag (though for those of us on the East Coast, it’s nice to have fewer miles required for London trips), the surcharges make it a poor use of miles anyway (you’re better off using BA miles on AA flights in Latin America or on LAN).

(UPDATE: BA has released some additional information here, and the bad news is that their partner award chart will be going away, which means we can kiss goodbye cheap redemptions on LAN and Cathay Pacific. Gary has some additional detail here.)


Get Up to a 30% Bonus When You Purchase British Airways Miles

British Airways is offering up to 30% bonus miles when you purchase Executive Club Miles from them before September 5th.

Purchase up to 7000 miles and get a 5% bonus; up to 15,000 miles gets a 10% bonus; up to 23,000 miles gets a 20% bonus; and 24,000 miles get a 30% bonus. Miles cost $27.50 per 1,000, plus there’s a $25 processing fee (ie, 10,000 miles – plus 1,000 bonus miles — will cost $300). No, that’s not a good deal. The 24,000 mile deal with net you 31,200 miles but cost you $685. Bleh. But I thought I’d let you know…


Through August 12, Book British Airways Award Tickets for 50% Fewer Miles (But 100% of the Surcharges)

British Airways is running a promotion offering 50% off award bookings through August 3, 2012, if you book by August 12th. Flights must be booked on British Airways metal in World Traveller, World Traveller Plus, Euro Traveller and Club Europe (ie, coach and premium economy). This is a really great deal, except that it’s also not really a great deal. Yes, the miles are discounted, but the fuel surcharges are not. So a premium economy ticket to London from the US will have $627 in surcharges in addition to the 37,500 miles.

Since you have to fly on British Airways, you’ll fly through London, and there’s no avoiding those surcharges (BA miles are valuable because they can be used on LAN and others where the surcharges aren’t insane). Even flights THROUGH Heathrow have crazy surcharges — premium economy to Rome is nearly $450. Blech.

I think I’ll pass.


10,000 British Airways Bonus Miles for Renting 3 Times with Avis

Pretty nice British Airways car rental promo just announced: Rent 3 times from Avis between now and August 31st and you’ll get 10,000 bonus Executive Club miles (in addition to the regular 1 mile per dollar).

Rent one time and you’ll get 2,000 bonus miles, twice and get 3,000 bonus miles (the third time gets you the final 5,000 miles).

You must book a car no smaller than Group C and reservations must be made using a British Airways/Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number: Gold members N744400; Silver members N744300; Blue members N744100.


British Airways Offers 20% Mileage Rebate for Cardholders

British Airways is offering a 20% mileage rebate to BA Visa cardholders for trips booked using miles.  Book your BA flight using miles before January 20th, 2011, for trips through October 28, 2011, and they’ll refund back to your account 20% of the miles you used.  The offer isn’t good on codeshares – it needs to be on BA metal.  Except for their insane fuel surcharges, it’s a great deal.


Fly British Airways World Traveller Plus for Same Miles as Coach

Book your British Airways flight by December 13th for any time in 2011 using Executive Club miles and BA will automatically upgrade you to World Traveller Plus.  This is a pretty significant bump (Most of Europe will cost 60k miles instead of 90k in WTP).  I’d post the link, but God forbid the link in the email I received from BA actually work.  Also God forbid this was listed on their website.  You’ll just have to trust me – it’s a great deal (the ridiculous taxes you’ll pay using BA miles to fly on BA are not a great deal, but you can decide if you think it’s worth it).


A Great Deal for Using Miles on Business Class to Paris that I Completely Forgot About

(Credit to my father for this…)

Most mileage nerds out there are aware of the greatest business class deal to Europe (63,000 ANA miles gets you a biz class ticket to London on Virgin Atlantic…you can transfer Amex Rewards points into ANA).

The second greatest deal?  75,000 BA miles gets you a roundtrip ticket from New York or DC to Paris on all-premium carrier Openskies (technically, you book it in Premium Economy; but Openskies’ Biz Seat is really a business class product).  You may already have 75,000 miles from the BA Credit Card offer from a little while back.  Or transfer 60,000 Starwood points into BA to get 75,000 miles.  Yes, you’re stuck with about $400 in taxes.  Bummer, I know.  And yes, you can often get a ticket for $1600 round trip.  But still, who wants to spend $1200 when you’ve got BA miles sitting around.  This is quite a deal…


You Can Now Redeem Your American Miles on any British Airways Flight (And Vice Versa)

I don’t usually talk about frequent flyer issues here, but this warrants a mention:  As of late last week, you can now redeem American AAdvantage miles on British Airways (and vice versa) (Gary has all the details here).  Because of anti-trust issues, you previously could not earn or burn AA miles on British Airways’ Europe flights and you could not earn or burn BA miles when flying American to Europe.

That’s all changed, but there’s a catch:  British Airways charges ridiculous fuel surcharges to their reward tickets, so whether you are using BA or AA miles, you may find $500 (or more!) charges on top of the miles.  Bleh.  You may be better off connecting on AA, Iberia or Malev (!?) when flying to Europe.