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Earn Up to 2,500 Delta (and other airline) Miles Per Stay Stay with Hyatt

Now through August 31st, you can earn up to 2,500 Delta Skymiles per stay at participating Hyatt locations.

After you register here, your second and third stays will earn 2,000 miles each. Then your 4-11th stays will earn 2,500 miles per stay (you must choose to earn Delta miles, rather than Hyatt points).

Offer is good at Park Hyatt, Andaz, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt, Hyatt Place , Hyatt House or Hyatt Residence Club hotels.

(As Gary points out in the comments, this is good for 12 different airlines. At least you know I’m not just stealing from other blogs…nor, apparently, am I doing any research before I post anything). Details on all airlines here:


Delta’s New “E” Fare Class Helps Them Compete with Spirit, Though It’s a Bit Deceptive

Last week Delta introduced its “E” fare class which they call “Basic Economy” on flights between Detroit & Ft Lauderdale, Tampa and Orlando. Fares cost about $19 less than “Economy” but are entirely non-changeable, non-refundable and do not permit seat assignment, even for Elite members (though on this fare class you can purchase premium seats, such as exit rows).

You’ll likely note that Delta has rolled this fare bucket out on routes where it competes with Spirit Airlines. Spirit gets dinged for charging fees for amenities such as seat assignments, but Delta is now doing the same thing (charging $19 less for no seat assignment is the same as charging $19 for a seat assignment).

Where there’s a bit of nonsense here is when third party websites sell these fares there’s no indication that you are not eligible for a seat assignment. Delta will say that that is not their problem, but it is. I appreciate where they’re going with this, and it’s an innovative way to compete with Spirit. But this simply adds customer confusion and, ultimately, frustration as consumers don’t know what to expect when they buy a ticket on Delta. If they’re going to distribute through 3rd parties, they need to work closely with them (as they’re doing with offline travel agents) to ensure consumers are not deceived. Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening now.


Earn 2,012 Bonus Delta Skymiles When You Stay 2 Nights at a Hilton

When you complete a minimum 2-night stay at a Hilton family property by March 31st, you can earn 2,012 bonus Delta Skymiles when you chose Delta as your double-dip partner. Register here.

(This has been around for a little while, but I’ve just seen it now for the first time…)


Why You Would Take Advantage of 25% Amex Transfer Bonus to Flying Blue

View from the Wing points out that through February 29 you can get a 25% bonus for transferring Membership Rewards points to Flying Blue (Air France & KLM frequent flyer program).

You may initially think this is a good idea because of their seemingly great mileage sales that, for example, currently allow you to get a round trip ticket to Europe for 25,000 miles (or only 20,000 Membership Rewards points). That’s true, but they also charge $570 in taxes and fuel surcharges on that “free” ticket, making it pretty much worthless.

However, they DO NOT charge fuel surcharges when you book a flight on Delta. True, you cannot take advantage of the ridiculous 25k round trip deal, but Flying Blue only charges 50,000 miles for a round trip ticket to Europe (instead of 60,000 with Skymiles), so it would only cost you 40,000 Membership Rewards points for a trip to Europe in coach, with no added fuel surcharges.

I definitely wouldn’t transfer points for the 25k round trip deal – the fuel surcharges make that ridiculous. And if you want to fly Air France or KLM, use your Delta miles, as they do not charge fuel surcharges (and availability is usually pretty good). But if you’re going to fly Delta, Flying Blue is a great way to take advantage while using fewer miles.


Bad News: Delta Silver Medallions Lose 1 Free Checked Bag

(Sorry for the short update, I’m traveling):

For flights booked after December 15th, Delta many Silver Medallion members will only be able to check 1 free bag (instead of the current two) (details here).

Silver Medallion members with a Reserve, Platinum or Gold Delta SkyMiles Amex will still be able to check a second bag for free. Small consolation, I know. This is especially annoying, because most other US airlines permit 2 free checked bags at the lowest Elite level.


Delta: Only $399.95 for a Year’s Worth of Wi-Fi.

Delta is offering an amazing bargain: for $400, they’ll give you a year’s worth of wi-fi on their planes. Not all of their planes, of course, since some don’t have wi-fi. But don’t worry, you’re still paying! United charges just about the same amount for a year’s worth of extra legroom. But you are now welcome to pay $400 for Internet access. Awesome!

Access is usually $15/flight, so after you fly 26 flights, the rest of essentially free!

(Editor’s Note: that was all sarcastic.)

Here’s the email:

This holiday season, enjoy the gift of convenience and year-round connectivity.

You can now purchase an annual Delta Wi-Fi pass and stay connected all year long for only $399.95. Take advantage of this Wi-Fi rate, which is the best value for frequent Delta travelers. You’ll get unlimited access to Gogo® Inflight Internet onboard all Delta Wi-Fi equipped flights for a full year.

Get your annual subscription on now or the next time you’re onboard any of our 2,500+ daily flights with Wi-Fi. Then, enjoy easy sign-in and online access for the next 365 days.

We offer the largest fleet of Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft in the world, so you can stay connected on the fly. Plus, you can look forward to Wi-Fi on more than 250 Delta Connection® two-class jets by early 2012.

Thanks for flying with us. We hope to see you onboard (and online!) soon.

(Thanks to reader Aarti for the heads up)


$185 Round Trip flights from New York to San Juan, Puerto Rico During the Winter

(Thx to reader iah-phx)

Delta is offering a $185 round trip fare (taxes included) from New York to San Juan, Puerto Rico, from March through to the end of the schedule, with great availability in March and April. Competitors are charging double or more in many cases (though if you look carefully, American does have a $244 r/t fare available on some dates). Nice for a weekend hop down to the islands.


It’s Back: 100% Bonus on Delta SkyMiles Purchase When You Use SkyMiles Amex

It’s not a particularly great deal, but if you need to top off your Delta miles, you can get a 100% bonus on SkyMiles purchases when you use your Delta SkyMiles American Express card. So, instead of costing you a completely ridiculous 3.5 cents per mile, it’ll only be 1.75 cents per mile.

You must be the primary cardholder to get the bonus miles and use this link, which, oddly enough, does not mention the promotion. That said, if you don’t get the bonus miles, feel free to call Delta and tell them to refer to Promotional Reference Code 97062236. (OK, then when they say they have no idea what you’re talking about, ask to speak to a supervisor. Then get put on hold. Then hear the ‘click’ that signals you’ve been cut off. Call back. Wait. Speak with rep who tells you they have no idea what you’re talking about. Ask for supervisor. Speak to supervisor. Read the the Promotional Reference Code number. Have them tell you that you’re wrong. Argue a bit. Swear under your breath. Wait for a moment. What’s that? The supervisor “found” that code? Oh great. Glad this all worked out.)

Skymiles account must be opened 10 days and have at least 1 mile in it to qualify.


Gold Delta SkyMiles American Express Card Ups Bonus to 30,000 Miles After $500 Spend

The Gold Delta Skymiles American Express card is now offering 30,000 bonus SkyMiles after only $500 in spend, with the $95 annual fee waived in the first year. This is a 50% increase from the typical 20,000 mile bonus they normally offer.

In addition to the bonus miles, you’ll get:

- First bag free.
- Zone 2 priority boarding on Delta flights
- 20% In-Flight Savings on food and entertainment

30,000 miles will theoretically get you a free domestic flight, but these are SkyMiles, so good luck with that. Har.

Interested? Apply here for the Gold Delta SkyMiles American Express card.


Increased bonus and free miles. Find out what more a Delta Skymiles credit card offers at


Air France/KLM (Flying Blue) No Longer Charging Fuel Surcharges on Delta Awards

This is actually pretty huge: Flying Blue – KLM & Air France’s frequent flyer program – is no longer charging their ridiculous fuel surcharges when you redeem their points for flights on Delta metal. Previously, Flying Blue charged exorbitant surcharges when you booked award tickets on any of their partners. Not anymore when you fly on Delta.

Why does this matter? A few reasons:

1) Flying Blue only charges 50,000 miles for a round trip ticket to Europe, while Delta charges 60,000 in coach. There are other bargains, including a 50,000 mile round trip to Israel using Flying Blue (100k in Business), rather than 80k/120k using SkyMiles.

2) Flying Blue allows for one-way awards on Delta. Delta does not allow for one-way awards using SkyMiles.

How do you get Flying Blue miles if you don’t fly Air France or KLM? Easy: transfer them in from Starwood (remember that 5k bonus when transferring in 20k points) or from Membership Rewards. Just remember: Starwood points can take about a week to show up in your Flying Blue account.

(Hat tip, Dan’s Deals)