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EasyJet Apologizes for Serving Pork on Israel Flight

EasyJet offered an apology for mistakenly serving pork on a flight from Israel to London (the CNN story notes that they served pork instead of “the standard kosher food” – pork is clearly an unstandard kosher food.    Easyjet generally offers Kosher and vegetarian sandwiches on its Tel Aviv flights, but loaded the wrong food onto the plane.  Passengers who kept kosher (and who didn’t bring food on-board which, if you keep kosher, is really your fault, even if the airline did screw up), had to go without food for, gasp, 4 hours.

Ryanair Apologizes to Easyjet Head for Pinocchio Ads

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary, not known for his submissive manner, apologized to Easyjet founder Stelios Haji-Iaonnou for publishing an ad that accused him of lying about Easyjet’s on-time performance.

In the ad (seen here), Stelios is pictured with a large Pinocchio nose (or perhaps that of Cyrano de Bergerac), then demands that Easyjet’s founder “stop hiding the truth” about Easyjet’s delays.

Leary, for his part, has now apologized and noted, “Since he was not responsible for Easyjet’s decision to stop publishing these on-time statistics, I think it is only fair and reasonable that we say sorry and pay him damages and his legal costs, rather than waste court time on this issue.”

Stelios had sued for libel, and they settled out court for 50,000 Pounds, which will be donated to charity.  He added that he felt the settlement was a victory for those “who have suffered verbal abuse at the hands of O’Leary.”  That list is quite long.

EasyJet Steward Tries to Fly with 8 Times the Legal Limit of Alcohol

A steward for EasyJet was on a plane beginning to work a flight from Gatwick to Belfast when fellow staff noticed that he was acting “erratically” and his breath smelled of alcohol.  There was good reason for that:  he was later found to be 8 times (impressive!) over the legal limit.  The police were called and he was arrested in front of other passengers.  Most impressive of all is that his lawyer claims the steward was not drinking the day of the flight and that the high level of alcohol was due to one hell of a night out the evening before.

EasyJet: We Expect All But 4 European Budget Airlines to Fail

The head of EasyJet’s French operation made headlines by saying that having 50 budget airlines in Europe is “absurd” and that he expects only about 4 to survive (he cited Ryanair, EasyJet, one of the German low-costs, and an unspecified other in Europe as the survivors).  He added that if he were to increase fares by 10%, load factors would drop by 25%.

Just wanted to pass this along to remind us that airlines around the world are feeling the same pain.

easyJet Tests “easyJet Plus” to Allow for Frills for a Fee

Thanks to reader Nate for the notice (I believe no one else has reported this):

easyJet is considering launching an option called easyJet Plus where, in exchange for an annual fee, you can board first and have a dedicated check-in.  The plan will likely cost between 60 and 80 pounds a year.  They also believe that providing a dedicated check-in for the business flyers who would choose this plan would cause them to check more bags (which generates more revenue).  Any means of gaining business travelers and generating ancillary income is a good thing — Southwest is trying the same thing here.  The interesting twist is offering it as an annual membership.  I’m certain frequent travelers on Southwest would pay $120 a year to board first, wouldn’t they?

EasyJet to Purchase GB Airways

Not much to write about today, so I’ll pass on something you won’t care about:  EasyJet is purchasing former British Airways partner GB Airways.  The small carrier primarily flies to leisure destinations in Europe and North Africa, and EasyJet will use the purchase to strengthen their holiday flights out of Gatwick (the purchase does not include GB’s slots at Heathrow).  Imagine JetBlue buying Comair and you’ll get the point.

Babyshambles Banned from easyJet

In the growing list of musicians banned from airlines, the Babyshambles are now banned from flying easyJet.  Why?  Glad you asked.  Lead singer, former boyfriend of Kate Moss, and heroin addict Pete Doherty was suspected of shooting up in an easyJet bathroom on a flight to Spain.  The airline claims that the singer (or "singer" as it were) spent an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom and that a bloody syringe was also found in said bathroom.  A police spokesman, however, says that no syringe was found.

New Service to Africa

Good news for people trying to travel to Africa:  two announcements yesterday from airlines adding service to the continent.

Delta’s application to fly from Atlanta to Johannesburg (with a stop in Dakar, Senegal) was approved yesterday.  Service begins December 4th.

EasyJet announced that it will fly its first route to Africa with service from London to Marrakesh, Morocco, beginning in July.  (The airline also announced service to Istanbul and Rijeka, Croatia, where I went on vacation last year and can highly recommend).  Fares start at about $45 each way.

EasyJet’s Weapons of Mass…

EasyJet pulls out a very tasteful ad with a woman with big boobs and the tagline, "Weapons of Mass Distraction."  Well done.  Ugh.

Cruise for $2 a Night

EasyCruise, a new cruiseline launched by the founder of EasyJet, is offering $2 per night cruises in the Caribbean.  Really.  $2.  Keep in mind that the EasyCruise ships are not exactly the Love Boat, but rather gussied up ferries (gussied up?  Is that even a word?  Does someone even edit this thing?)  But if you’re looking for a crazy cheap way to island hop a bit, how can you beat this?