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Will JetBlue have an EOS/MAXjet/SilverJet Problem with Their New Premium Service?

Much digital ink has been shed about jetBlue’s announcement that they’ll be adding (essentially) business class seats (similar to what SWISS has) to a handful of their new A321 aircraft for transcon flights between New York and LAX/SFO. Reactions ranged from apoplectic that these (incorrectly it turns out) seats could be ANGLED LIE FLAT – HOW COULD SOMEONE ENDURE THAT HORROR FOR 4 HOURS AND 27 MINUTES??????? To Cranky’s more down-to-earth overview, which I’ll link to here rather than regurgitate.

I just thought I’d throw this out there:

jetBlue is putting these seats in because they believe that they can’t compete for the business traveler unless they offer a premium cabin. Delta, American and United have all been upgrading their premium cabin on Transcons (or are in the process thereof) offering lie-flat seats on the 4.5-6 hour journeys. Their front cabins on transcons are filled with people flying on corporate deals (where they have to choose that airline), Elites who have upgraded themselves (free upgrades are difficult to come by — or are not offered at all — on these routes), with much of the remainder going to airline loyalists who choose to fly a given airline because of the miles.

jetBlue will have a difficult time grabbing many of these travelers. Corporate contracts are already in place, with banks, movie studios and others who fly those routes frequently tied in with legacy carriers. Loyalists pooh-pooh jetBlue’s frequent flyer program (rightfully so) because of the lack of international redemption options (among other reasons).

Lots of articles I’ve read about this suggest that jetBlue is going after legacy carriers on these routes with the new product. But I don’t think that’s true. I worked for EOS Airlines, which was competing (on some level) with MAXjet and Silverjet to offer all-premium-service flights between New York and London. They had a good product at a great price. And they all failed. Why? Lots of reasons, but in large part because business travelers were locked in with legacy airlines, and those arrangements (plus the pull of their frequent flyer programs) made it difficult to compete. Plus – they were constantly being matched on price, taking that advantage away because legacy airlines had deep pockets. If jetBlue’s plan is to compete with AA, UA, and Delta for those same customers, I think they lose.

But jetBlue is run by smart people, and I suspect they have a different target. Virgin America’s much-beloved product (if you have tech-y friends, you’ve been probably endured listening to them blabber about it nonstop) offers just a recliner seat up front on their transcons. Oh, and they’ve lost money hand-over-fist. And they share a similar, younger demographic with jetBlue. Is jetBlue thinking they can off Virgin America, by offering a wayyyyyy better front cabin for the same price that Virgin America offers their suddenly-crappy product? And Virgin America couldn’t really handle a price war for a prolonged period because they’re a bit cash strapped for that. Nor will they likely be able to make the investment in lie-flat beds in their planes.

If that’s their strategy (and I’ll assume it is), then bravo to jetBlue. Well played. Good luck competing with that, Virgin America.

JetBlue Promo Code: 25% Off December Travel; 20% Off January – February Travel

Today and tomorrow (November 19-20) use JetBlue Promo Code WINTER25 and you’ll get 25% off travel departing anywhere in the US between November 27 and December 20th (you must start at that linked page –

Use JetBlue promo code WINTER20 and you’ll get 20% off travel January 7 – February 14th.

Flights from the Northeast to Florida come down to about $150 roundtrip, and transcons are about $225.

JetBlue Amex Signup Bonus Is Now 20,000 Points (There Are Actually a Few Good Ways to Use That)

JetBlue American Express Application (Not an affiliate link)

The JetBlue American Express card, which I’ve previously described as useless, has doubled its signup bonus to 20,000 TrueBlue points after $1,000 spend in 3 months. First year is free, and it’s $40 thereafter.

What do 20,000 TrueBlue points get you? I was wondering the same thing myself. Their program redemptions are based on distance (roughly), and you can redeem for one-way awards.

Short flights start at 5,000 points (think JFK-Burlington).
Mid-length flights (say, JFK-Austin) are 8,100 points each way.
Long-haul flights (JFK-LAX, for example) are 11,000 points each way

So basically within the US, you can get 2 free short-haul flights (eh) or almost a transcon flight (throw another $1,000 on the card and that flight is free).

The value gets more interesting if you use the points to head to the Caribbean. For example:

JFK-San Juan is 9,600 points each way.
JFK-San Jose, Costa Rica is a ridiculous 14,000 points each way, because there are no nonstops from New York – like Avios, they add up the different legs on a connection.
JFK-Cartagena, though, is just 8,200 points each way (perhaps the biggest steal in the program, because only Jetblue flies nonstop to Cartagena from New York).

You get the point – if you’re looking for a free flight to the Caribbean, this can represent a pretty good value – just check your potential destination on Aruba is 11,500 points while Turks & Caicos is 9,900. It may make a difference where you end up going.

(Oh wait – you thought I was just going to tell you that the Ink Bold lowered its threshold to $5,000 like every other blog out there? Pshah, give me some credit – I already mentioned it last week….who else is talking about the JetBlue card today?)

JetBlue to Roll Out Fleet-wide Wi-Fi in Early 2013…And It’ll Be Free (at First)

Somehow I missed this a few days ago: JetBlue will roll out high-speed wi-fi on its entire fleet in early 2013.

The airline will use the high-speed ka-band wi-fi and, at least at first, will be free, which is huge since just about everyone else charges for the service. Well, it will be free for the first 30 planes as they roll out the service, and I assume they’ll start charging after that (though they’ve kept their Live TV as a free product, so who knows). The ka-band service is supposed to be 5 times (or so) faster than wi-fi found on other airlines.

Get $50 Coupon Code for One Way Flight on JetBlue (Yes, That’s $100 off all JetBlue Flights through November 7)

Want to get $50 off your next JetBlue one-way flight? Sure you do! Here’s how.

1) Go to
2) Search for 1-way flights
3) Enter one of these promo codes (they’re reusable) 8W2DQ3S4, 8MB93DZE, 8W2DQ3S4 ,8XW36N2K
4) Enjoy your $7 flight from New York to Burlington (or whatever)
5) Good for flights through November 7th

Some highlights include $26 flights from New York to Chicago; $7 flights from JFK to Boston; and $46 flights from JFK to Ft Lauderdale.

You’ll have to book each person separately because the code is good for $50 off a one-way, but it’s reusable.

Safe travels.

(Thx Flyertalk and Slickdeals)

JetBlue to Launch Cartagena; Spirit Goes Head-to-Head with Southwest in Dallas (Well, the Dallas Area)

A couple of noteworthy new route announcements to share:

JetBlue will launch nonstop JFK-Cartagena service November 2nd, subject to government approval. Flights are Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Leave JFK 825am, arrive 110pm. Depart Cartagena 205, arrive back at 730. This is JetBlue’s second Colombian destination – they already fly to Bogota. Cartagena is one of my favorite cities – beautiful, historic and vibrant. It’s been a royal pain to get there from New York until now. Fares haven’t been announced yet, but I’ll guess, oh, $199 each way.

Spirit Airlines will expand its Dallas operation and add flights to Houston Intercontinental, Baltimore, Oakland, Las Vegas and Portland. They’ve also filed to fly to Cancun from DFW. Baltimore and Houston launch in September, the other 3 cities don’t come until April 2013. If those cities seem familiar, it’s because they’re also Southwest strongholds. Dallas – Houston seems like a wacky choice, but Spirit has seemingly had success flying Detroit-Chicago and Vegas – LAX. Southwest can’t fly nonstop from Dallas Love to Baltimore, Portland, Oakland or Vegas, but Spirit may attract some of those price-conscious travelers looking to head there. Spirit also has no problem killing routes quickly, so even if one (all?) doesn’t work, they’ll drop it rather than invest in it. An interesting move from Spirit, since they seem to feel they’re just about tapped out on markets from FLL to the Caribbean.

JetBlue and Emirates Now Have Frequent Flyer Partnership….No, You Shouldn’t Be Excited

My primary (actually, only) issue with JetBlue is that their frequent flyer program is weak. Or terrible. Or terribly weak. In fact, I never fly them anymore because of that. I will sit uncomfortably on another airline (United, usually, but sometimes US Airways) for 4 hours because of Mileage Plus, rather than sit in comfort watching TV on JetBlue. Yes, I feel like an idiot when I read that sentence.

So I was excited last month when I read about the JetBlue/Hawaiian partnership, that would allow me to earn Hawaiian miles (which can be transferred to Hilton on a 1:2 basis) when I fly JetBlue. Except that the earning table is horrible. So much for that.

So I was excited again this morning when I read that I can earn Emirates Skywards miles when I fly JetBlue (and vice versa). Alas, there is nothing to be excited about.

What you earn on JetBlue when you fly Emirates:

What you earn on Emirates when you fly JetBlue:

What does that mean? It means that you’ll earn 1/4 of a mile for every mile flown on JetBlue when you fly on a cheap(ish) ticket. Sad, really.

I’ll continue my quest to find a partner to which I should credit JetBlue flights.

Anyone credit JetBlue flights anywhere interesting?

Good News: Use HawaiianMiles to Redeem (and Earn) on JetBlue; Bad News…

Back in January we noted that Hawaiian Airlines and JetBlue were codesharing and that it was just a matter of time before you could redeem HawaiianMiles for travel on JetBlue.

That day has come. And the news is mixed:

Yes, you can redeem HawaiianMiles on JetBlue. However, the redemption rates are based on the amount you would otherwise for the ticket. That’s good on the one hand because if there’s a seat available, you can get it. That’s bad because redemption rates are expensive. There’s a range (for some reason) for each level:

Up to $99: 10,000 miles
$100-$179: 15,000-20,000 miles
$180-$259: 25,000-30,000 miles
$260-$339: 35,000-40,000 miles
$340-$419: 45,000-50,000 miles

What does that mean? It means a ticket to Florida from the East Coast will cost you between 35,000 and 40,000 miles most of the year. Sure, during off-season it could cost you as little as 20,000 miles. But for nearly all routes this isn’t a great option. That’s a shame, since Hawaiian miles are so easy to come by through their credit card signups.

It’s mixed on the earning side as well. You’ll earn 100% HawaiianMiles on all JetBlue flights EXCEPT O, U and S fares (ie, the cheap fares). That’s not great either. However, JetBlue’s frequent flyer program is sufficiently terrible that I would always take the HawaiianMiles over the True Blue points (if only because those HawaiianMiles are transferrable to Hilton at 1:2).

If you’re interested in earning True Blue points on Hawaiian flights (um, why?) you can see the details here.

The bottom line? I’m just happy to have an earning partner on JetBlue that’s slightly useful. Shame, though, that the redemptions are so poor.

Until 6pm: 4 Nights in Nassau, Air from Westchester and Hotel Included for $245 on JetBlue…Hurry!

JetBlue has a pretty amazing deal until 6pm tonight (or until seats are gone). You’ll get roundtrip air from Westchester to Nassau, plus 4 nights at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort for just $245 per person. Details here.

In short, you have 4 date options:

Option 1:
– Depart: Sat 4/28/12
– Return: Wed 5/2/12

Option 2:
– Depart: Sun 4/29/12
– Return: Thurs 5/3/12

Option 3:
– Depart: Mon 4/30/12
– Return: Fri 5/4/12

Option 4:
– Depart: Tues 5/1/12
– Return: Sat 5/5/12

This will certainly sell out before 6pm. Good luck!

Living Social Deal: $25 Off a JetBlue Flight to Select Cities

Living Social is offering a $50 JetBlue voucher for $25 (ie, $25 off) for tickets from JFK to Austin, Denver, Phoenix or Chicago. Offer expires on Thursday, March 15th. Travel is valid between April 10th and May 23rd. Tickets must be purchased by May 16th.