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OTR In the News

Just a bit of self-promotion: The OTR gets a nice mention in this article about what you do when you are upgraded and your spouse is not. They were nice enough to repeat the story I told about letting my wife (then-girlfriend) sit in the back of a flight home from Phoenix 10 years ago while I sat up front. Glad that will follow me around.

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Online Travel Review has joined 2007 and launched a Twitter page that just features great airfare deals posted all day. I don’t bother posting all of the fake airfare deals you see everywhere else (flights from $79!!!!!) – just the really, really good stuff (Orlando to Bogota, $49). Visit and get great airfare deals all day on Twitter.

The OTR on Bloomberg Radio Today at 1:10pm

A bit of self-serving promotion:  I’ll be on Bloomberg Radio (1130 on the AM dial in New York, or online) at 1:10pm Eastern time today (Thursday).

OTR Named 1 of Chris Elliott’s ’50 Blogs I Can’t Live Without’

Travel writer and TV host Chris Elliott has named Online Travel Review one of his ‘50 Blogs I Can’t Live Without‘ for 2008.  I’m thrilled to be on a list with some other great sites.  Definitely check it out – I’m sure you’ll find a bunch you haven’t been reading but should.

OTR in the News

The OTR (actually Tripmela, OTR’s sister company) gets a mention in this USA Today story about the state of Indian tourism after the events in Mumbai.  I’m not sure why, but I’m disliking when media are calling the attacks “India’s 9/11” (as USA Today does in that article).  The tone just feels off — how many people have to be killed for it to be another country’s 9/11?  One hundred?  Seventy Five?  It feels wrong – belittling both 9/11 and the attacks in Mumbai.

OTR in the News

Quick Self-Serving Note:  Online Travel Review is quoted in the Wall Street Journal yesterday (here – bottom story) talking about the airline industry reaction to the attacks in Mumbai.

OTR Self Promotion Alert

A bit of self-promotion:  I was interviewed for a podcast discussing the fiasco at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 on Innovation Analysis Group’s website.  You can download the podcast here.

OTR in the News

The OTR gets a nice mention in a Cherry Hill (NJ) Courier Post article about Spirit Airlines pulling their Atlantic City – Las Vegas route.  Note my brilliant insight that Atlantic City airport struggles because it’s close to Philadelphia.  You’re not going to get that anywhere else!

OTR in the News

(Self Promotion Alert):

I’ll be on Bloomberg Radio representing the OTR on Friday morning at 11:37 am Eastern Time chatting about the travel industry.

Be there or be square.

OTR in the News

Self Serving Post Alert:

The OTR has a couple of press appearances to pass on:

— We’re quoted in Conde Nast’s Portfolio talking about Farecompare (one of my favorite airline geek websites).

— The OTR’s Southeast Asian following is in for a treat, as I’ll be on Bloomberg’s Asia Pacific television channel tonight at 6:30 eastern time (or Tuesday morning at 6:30am in Singapore) chatting about online travel agencies.