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October 14, 2005

No Post Today...It's Flooding

There's no posting today because the high-speed connection is down at home.  I called Time Warner to mention this to them, and the rep said, "It's probably because of the rain."  Yes, it's rained so much here in New York that even the Internet is flooded.

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October 12, 2005

Southwest Not Switching to Boeing Field in Seattle

Unless you lived in Seattle or worked for Southwest you probably haven't been following this, but Southwest has been threatening to leave Seattle's Sea-Tac airport in favor of Boeing Field as a way of reducing costs.  Well, that's not going to happen.  A city official announced that the city will not permit commercial flights from Boeing Field because of noise and environmental concerns (read: pressure from Alaska Airlines).  If Southwest had moved, Alaska said that they would have to move as well, which leads to a chain reaction where airlines remaining at Sea-Tac are stuck with ridiculously high costs.  Southwest said it will not fight the decision.

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JetBlue Shuttle, Part 2

I just wanted to mention one more thing about this JFK-Boston JetBlue shuttle announcement:  About 7 months ago I wrote that JetBlue was planning on launching this shuttle at roughly these prices.  Now, if I knew about it, and I know absolutely nothing, how is it possible that there has been no competitive response?  Delta and US Airways knew this was coming and their response was apparently to pray really, really hard that it didn't actually happen.  No promotions to tie people to the airline for the year, no bonus mile offers for flying the shuttle, say, once a month, to keep travelers coming back to those airlines.  Nothing.  And now they're facing $25 fares.  Good luck!

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October 11, 2005

JetBlue to Launch $25 Boston Shuttle

JetBlue has announced its first set of route using the new Embraer 190s, and it's good news if you fly the NY-Boston shuttle. The airline is launching a shuttle-ish service between the two cities, with 10 weekday flights between the cities. Sale fares start at $25 each way and will normally start at about $40 each way---considerably cheaper than the train.

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October 10, 2005

1 Million Miles in 60 Days

An insane Canadian (and I mean that in a good way) is on a quest to earn 1 million Air Canada miles in 60 days through a series of mileage runs. How's he doing it? Fly back and forth between Vancouver and either Nanaimo or Victoria all day. Yes, all day. Then fly from Vancouver to Toronto over night, returning in the morning. Rinse. Repeat. And in his off days? Oh yes, he's a cargo pilot flying 747s to Europe. You can read about this on his blog.

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