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February 08, 2006

United's Frequent Flyer Bonanza in Denver

United Airlines is fighting back against Southwest's entry into Denver using the only real weapon they have: frequent flyer miles.  The deal they're offering is kinda detailed, but in short, if you fly 2 round trips to or from Denver in 2006, you get 4000 bonus miles or a $100 certificate for a Hyatt stay.  4 round trips gets 8,000 miles.  The awards increase up to 16 round trips earning you a free international business class round trip (or 90,000 miles).

Plus, if you fly to a bunch of cities that Southwest flies to (listed in the link above), you get DOUBLE credits through July 3rd.  So, 8 round trip flights and, say, Phoenix would earn you a free business class ticket to Sydney, Australia, and only cost you about $900.  Just a thought.

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