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March 24, 2006

Delta Will Serve All 50 States

Delta Air Lines announced that with the addition of Wilmington, Delaware, to its route network it will be the only carrier to serve all 50 states since United did it in the mid-1980s.  Of course, Delta is losing money at a rapid clip, so hell, you can set up an airline and have it lose money serving all 50 states.  Even so there's something pretty cool about that.  Delta will serve the route with an Atlantic Southeast Airlines regional jet with 3 flights a day to Atlanta.  Fares start at $129 each way to Atlanta.

Fares start at only $79 each way for flights to Orlando THROUGH Atlanta, which is yet another of the reasons why people hate airlines and their supposed SimpliFares pricing schemes.

Somewhat related to this, United had a promotion in 1985 called the United Airlines 50 State Marathon, where anyone who flew United to all 50 states in 50 days won free first class travel for a year.  77 people managed to do this.  Without the help of the Internet.  Impressive.

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