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August 01, 2006

You're Not Going to North Korea

If you're an American and you've wanted to visit North Korea (for whatever reason), you've pretty much been out of luck.  But this year (and last year, if I remember correctly), North Korea invited Americans to visit for the Mass Games, the incredible spectacle where 100,000 gymnasts participate in a highly choreographed tribute to the Dear Leader (you may recognize it from the people in the stands who hold cards over their heads as part of a larger image).  Anyway, shortly before those games were to begin, North Korea cancelled the Mass Games because of massive floods in the country that have killed untold numbers of people.  Or for geo-political reasons.  Probably the floods.  So if you were planning on flying Air Koryo to Pyongyang (which sounds like a dirty euphemism), you're out of luck.

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