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September 08, 2006

Airport Security as Theater

I've blabbered on in the past about the utter and pathetic farce that serves as airport security in the US.  This week's Ask the Pilot column over at Salon does a better job talking about this than I have.  Enjoy.

September 8, 2006 | Permalink: Airport Security as Theater


Yup, the "no liquid carry on rule" that went into effect after the August London terror plot has to be one of the dumbest security measures ever implemented. Even my young kids have wondered why they cannot carry a bottle of water onto an airplane when they are required to bring such a bottle to their classrooms every day! Anyone who has considered this matter for more than 5 minutes knows that liquids are among the least likely ways to successfully kill airline passengers. And yet, as the columnist writes, there is almost no public indignation toward the latest policy.

: iahphx at Sep 8, 2006 8:56:06 AM

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