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September 21, 2006

Can I Still Fly to Thailand?

With the bloodless coup in Thailand, anyone with a trip planned (ie, my friend Jeff) to the country may be wondering if they'll still be able to fly there.  The good news is that except for one Emirates airways flight on Tuesday, all airlines are operating close to normally.  Whether you should go or not, is up to you (though most countries are suggesting that you should wait a bit.  Your call.)  Bangkok's oft-delayed new airport is still set to open next week, which, given the problem it has had over the years, is a coup unto itself.

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I am here in Bangkok right now. There is no problem here at the airport. Everything is working normal here. I flew in from Dhaka on Thai Air. Leaving on ANA with no scheduled delays. The only delay is the flight I just came in on and it is probably because we hit some good potholes on the runway in Dhaka, maybe they need to change a tire:)

: Steve at Sep 22, 2006 6:55:09 AM

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