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December 11, 2006

Sea-Tac Airport Removes Christmas Trees

Bill O'Reilly is going to a have a field day with this one:

Sea-Tac Airport has removed the 9 Christmas trees it had up after a local rabbi complained that there were no Jewish symbols in the airport.  Rather than put up menorahs for the upcoming Chanukah (Hannukah?) holiday, the airport decided to just take down the Christmas trees.  Interestingly (and I'll give him a bit of credit), the attorney for the group who asked for the Menorah to be put up said he was disappointed that the trees were taken down.  For its part, the airport says it does not have time to play "cultural anthropologists" and decide the right course of action.  Now nobody's happy.  Well done!  (Just to be clear:  I actually think the airport should've made the rabbi's group sue them to take down the trees.  I'm Jewish, and I think it's sad that other Jews would think that they're threatened because there's a Christmas tree in an airport.  Don't we have more important things to worry about?  Like Mel Gibson hating us?  I thought we ran Hollywood?)

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