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January 06, 2006

$25 Fares from Boston to Washington DC

I'm sorry there hasn't been much in the way of news this week, but there have been some great sales.  Here's one more:  JetBlue has $25 fares between Boston and Washington good through February 15th.  Should take away some of the pain of Independence Air's demise...

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January 05, 2006

$89 Fares to Iceland

Fares to Iceland keep getting cheaper.  Icelandair has an unadvertised $89 each way fare from New York or Boston to Reykjavik through March.  Please go.  I may even beg my rather pregnant wife about taking advantage of this one.  Or not.  But if your wife isn't about to have twins, you really should visit---I've never seen fares this low.

In any case, you have to sign up for Lucky Fares to see the fares (they don't show up in the regular fare listings).

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$999 Business Class Roundtrip to London

MAXjet has yet another sale (good for passengers, can't be too good for MAXjet) on its all-business class service from New York to London.  Round trips are available for $999 through the end of March.  Enter code NEWYR1 when checking out.

If you're too cheap to pay that much for a ticket, JetBlue has $59 tickets from Newark to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  You can't complain about that, either.

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January 04, 2006

$799 Package to Russia

Tour operator Friendly Planet is offering a pretty good package for winter trips to Russia.  $799 gets you flights from New York to Moscow, Moscow to St. Petersburg, and St. Petersburg back to New York, six nights in good hotels and breakfast each day.  Sure, it's cold.  Very cold.  Very, very cold at times.  But the price is excellent.  Bundle up!

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January 03, 2006

Independence Air Will Shut Down January 5th

Independence Air announced that it will shut down its operations on Thursday night, January 5th, after a tumultuous year and a half.  I've written about these guys ad nauseum, so I won't bore you with anything else here.  Just know that if you have tickets booked on the carrier, other airlines have to honor the tickets for a $50 fee.

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