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September 22, 2006

OTR Takes a Long Weekend

The OTR is taking a long weekend, so we've got nothing for today.  We'll be back Monday...

In the meantime, it turns out the A380 isn't going to launch any time soon...

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September 21, 2006

Can I Still Fly to Thailand?

With the bloodless coup in Thailand, anyone with a trip planned (ie, my friend Jeff) to the country may be wondering if they'll still be able to fly there.  The good news is that except for one Emirates airways flight on Tuesday, all airlines are operating close to normally.  Whether you should go or not, is up to you (though most countries are suggesting that you should wait a bit.  Your call.)  Bangkok's oft-delayed new airport is still set to open next week, which, given the problem it has had over the years, is a coup unto itself.

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September 20, 2006

OTR in the News

In case you care, the OTR got a nice mention in the LA Times over the weekend...

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British Businessman Flies with 2-Year Old Daughter's Passport

No, you can't bring water on the plane but a grown man can successfully fly to Amsterdam with the passport of a 2-year old girl.  A British businessman mistakenly took his daughter's passport with him on a recent trip to the Netherlands and managed to get through 2 passport checks at London's Luton airport and board the plane.  In fact, he brought up the error to passport control in Amsterdam.  The airline he flew, EasyJet, will likely face a fine.

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Yet More Delays for the A380?

A French newspaper is reporting that Airbus will announce this week that it will further delay deliveries of the A380 superjumbo.  It is likely that the manufacturer will only deliver 4 of the 25 planned airplanes in its first year (Singapore and Emirates would receive 2 each).  Someday soon there'll be a book about how the A380 program went awry. 

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September 19, 2006

To Sell More Blankets, One Airline Cranks Up the Air Conditioning

Travel Weekly has a pretty good article about how low cost airlines are using sales of ancillary items (food, entertainment, mortgages, etc) to boost their bottom line.  An interesting note from the piece:  one Asian low cost carrier (Air Asia?) cranks up the air conditioning in its cabins when sales of in-flight blankets aren't good enough.  I sorta have to respect that...

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Another Cheap $999 Business Class Fare to London

Since Delta's $999 round trip business class fare from New York to London expired last week, it's time for another airline to come in and fill the void:  MAXjet is now offering the same fare from both New York and Washington to London on its all-business-class 767s.  Its seats are like a comfortable domestic business class, not the lie-flat-and-cashmere-blanket business class, but for $999, it's a great deal.  Book by October 1 and fly between November 1 and February 28.

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September 18, 2006

6 Nights in London, Including Air for $499

Go-Today has a fantastic deal on a trip to London:  $499 gets you a flight on American Airlines from New York (Boston is only $20 extra), 6 nights hotel and daily breakfast.  Hell, in London 6 days of breakfast could cost you $499.  Book by September 25 and travel January 3 to February 22. 

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