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October 13, 2006

Air/Hotel in Hamburg for $346

Via Travelzoo:

Emirates Airlines has a great deal on airfare to Hamburg on its new nonstop flights from JFK:  for $346 round trip, you get a ticket PLUS either a night at the Hamburg Marriott, or 3 days car rental.  The Marriott is usually $200, so this is a steal.

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Flight Attendant Fired For Excess Baggage (Her Own)

This is an odd one:  An Indian Airlines flight attendant was approached by company officials prior to boarding a flight she was working.  They asked her to step aside and get on a scale.  They believed she was over the company's 63kg (138 pounds, or so) weight limit.  Turns out she was, and they fired her.  Now that flight attendant is suing Indian Airlines for their discriminatory policy.  The airline has grounded 140 staff members for weight-related issues.  The airline basically admits that it wants younger (thinner) flight attendants and is weeding out the older (less thinner) ones through this policy.  How progressive!

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October 12, 2006

Delta, Northwest Expand International Routes

Delta and Northwest have both announced major international expansion plans yesterday, with Delta, especially, continuing to shift its strategy toward higher yield, lower competition routes.

Delta will begin service next summer from Atlanta to Prague, Vienna, Seoul and Dubai, while they'll begin service from JFK to Pisa and Bucharest around the same time.  Delta briefly (very briefly) served Dubai just before 9/11.  The carrier hopes to achieve 40% of its revenue from its international operations.  They're trying a very different approach for a US airline, for the most part avoiding competition and opening new routes where they can command a premium.  Assuming they can get their costs in line, monopoly routes + lie flat beds could mean success for them.  Finally.

Northwest, meanwhile, is introducing new service to Brussels and Dusseldorf from their Detroit hub, as well as nonstop service from Hartford (????) to Amsterdam.  Northwest has had meagre service to Europe compared to its other SkyTeam partners, so this should make people in the midwest quite happy.  Even better, they're adding about 4 inches of legroom in coach.  Things are finally getting better in the back of the plane.

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October 11, 2006

Delta to Offer Lie-Flat Seats

Good news for Delta flyers:  The airline announced that it will be the first US carrier to offer fully lie-flat seats beginning in 2008.  Expect to see all of the airline's 777s and 767s equiped with the new product by 2010 (yes, that's a while from now).  Assuming they are still in business, you'll enjoy fully flat beds and, also nice, a seating arrangement where you don't need to climb over the person next to you to get out of the window seat.  This makes American's new seat look like a workbench.  Expect Continental and/or United to match sometime soon...

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October 10, 2006

4 Night Package to Prague: $549

Go-Today has a pretty good package from New York to Prague this fall and winter.  For $549 you get a flight and 4 nights hotel good for travel November 1 through March 25th, excluding Christmastime.  The price is about the same as the flight alone -- what a deal. 

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October 09, 2006

$999 Business Class Roundtrip from Washington and Las Vegas to London

MAXjet has had a series of really cheap promotions going on lately, and here's another:

Book by October 23rd and fly between November 15 and March 15, and you can get a roundtrip ticket from either Las Vegas or Washington to London for just $999.  That's in business class. The Vegas fare is just insane.  Seriously.  Insane.

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Cheap Packages to Hawaii

Via Frommers:  Hotels.com (of all people) is offering great deals on packages to Hawaii.  For $358, you get a flight from Los Angeles and 4 nights at the basic-but-serviceable Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel.  Is it perfect for your honeymoon?  Probably not.  But it's close to the beach, and the price includes breakfast.  Can't beat that...

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