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October 20, 2006

Posts Next Week

Hi all...Posts next week may be sporadic as I'm going to Qatar and India, where I'm speaking at the EyeforTravel Travel Distribution India conference.  The OTR's going on the road.  I will, of course, let you know if anything interesting happens. 

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October 19, 2006

Earn 50,000 Bonus Miles on British Airways

British Airways has a great offer (you need to be a member to see the page with the deals) for members of its Executive Club:  Fly in first class or Club World by the end of the year, and you'll get 50,000 bonus miles.  Fly in World Traveller Plus (or full fare World Traveller) and get 25,000 bonus miles.  World Traveller Plus seats are less than $700 during the winter, so 25,000 bonus miles is a great deal, especially if you have a couple of work trips planned anyway...

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Bad Halloween Costumes for the Airport

Thanks to Gloomy Joe for this heads up:

MSNBC.com has a pretty amusing article about costumes people have actually worn to the airport on Halloween.  I'm a huge fan of "drunken pilot."  Enjoy...

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October 18, 2006

Singapore Airlines to Upgrade Seating

The airline seat wars will take another step up as Singapore Airlines has announced that they will upgrade seats on their 777-300ERs (these upgrades were scheduled for the A380, but since Singapore is now rumored to be considering dropping the A380, here are the seats).  First class flyers will enjoy a 23 inch LCD screen and 35 inch wide seats.  This is just ridiculous.  Business class has a 15 inch screen and 30 inch wide seats, while even economy will enjoy a 10 inch screen and wider seats.  British Airways and Delta have also announced significant seat upgrades in the past weeks.

Interesting that as US airlines have boosted their international schedules to take advantage of higher fares, they're running into stiffer competition on the product side.  Delta's learned pretty quickly that you have to invest in product to compete internationally.  More competition and better product can only be good for business travelers.

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SkyEurope Will Pay You to Fly

SkyEurope, a central European airline, will pay you to fly.  Yes, the European budget airline wars are getting slightly nutty, with SkyEurope charging -1 Euro for flights.  With taxes and whatnot, it won't be -1 Euro, but you get the point.

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October 17, 2006

$699 Package to Beijing

Go-Today is offering a cheap 4 night air/hotel package to Beijing from the west coast (LA, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland) for just $699 for travel in January and early February.  This price is several hundred dollars cheaper than air alone.  Departures from New York are just $110 more.  Sure it's cold there in January, but it's cold here too...

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October 16, 2006

The Essential Air Service Program

(Thanks to View from the Wing for the heads up):

The NY Times (reg req'd, sorry) has an interesting article about the Essential Air Service program, which provides subsidies for airlines to fly to remote airports across the country.  Lewiston, Montana, is one of these remote airports, and the airline serving it received, get this, $472 each way per passenger flying on the route.  How many passengers is this?  Fewer than 3 each day, on average.  While the total dollars spent on the program is small, the article points out that many of the airports benefitting from these subsidies are not that far from major airports (such as Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is less than 70 miles from Philly).  Makes for a good read...

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British Airways Worker Suspended for Wearing Cross

British Airways has suspended an employee because, gasp!, she was wearing a small cross on a chain while she was working.  BA has said that its policy is that all employees must wear jewelry, including religious symbols, under their uniforms.  OK fine.  As you might imagine, there is a bit of an uproar over this and we can likely expect the staff member to be reinstated.  At least I hope so...

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