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November 09, 2006

Emirates Will Permit Cellphone Use in January

Emirates will permit in-flight cellphone use beginning in January.  Calls will cost about $4 a minute, which should help keep people from yapping for 13 straight hours.  I hope.

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Qatar Airways to Fly to New York

I don't usually bother talking about route expansion, but Qatar Airways' announcement that it will fly to New York is significant.  Middle Eastern airlines have grown rapidly and profitably, in a way we haven't seen anywhere else in the world.  Etihad, Emirates and now Qatar Airways have nonstops to New York (Emirates has 2 nonstops a day), connecting the Arab world to the US in a way that can only help relations between the two regions.  Plus, nonstop flights mean people are not flying on European airlines to these destinations - a huge change (not in a good way, obviously) for incumbent airlines in Europe.  3 years from now, Etihad, Emirates and Qatar will be as well known as Air France, British Airways and Lufthansa -- and probably more profitable.

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November 08, 2006

2 Year Old Detained as Possible Terrorist

Immigration officials at Dubai's airport detained a 2-year-old after his name appeared on a list of potential security risks.  The little boy was in a stroller, when officials approached his father and said the boy could not fly because he was a risk to security.  Said the father, "I thought he was joking and said 'take him if you want."  haha.  Thankfully, he was not shipped to Guantanamo.  A short investigation found (surprise) that he was not a threat to security. 

(thanks to Nicole for the heads up)

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Ryanair Busted for Advert(isement)

Ryanair was told to stop advertising that said seats were available for GBP 0, because once taxes and fees were added in, no seats were available for free.  In fact, the least someone could end up paying was GBP 11.70 (about $20 or so) which, while cheap, is not exactly zero.

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Fedex Cancels Order for 10 A380s

Fedex cancelled its $2.3 billion order for 10 A380s yesterday, handing Airbus a major blow to its struggling program.  The cargo carrier instead ordered 15 777s from Boeing after saying that it couldn't wait for Airbus to straighten out its delays.  This hardly marks the end of the A380 program, but Airbus certainly didn't need this.

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November 07, 2006

JetBlue to, uh, Offer, um, Trans-Fat Free Snacks

It is a slooooooow news day in the ol' airline industry.  How slow?  Here's the big story from what I can tell:  JetBlue will be offering all trans-fat free snacks on their planes.  That's all the news.  Oh, that and that the A350 might not get built.  Maybe that's a bigger story than JetBlue offering Chocobilly (tm) cookies.  I'm not sure.

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November 05, 2006

OTR Holiday

The staff of the OTR ran the NY Marathon on Sunday and, hence, will be sleeping in tomorrow.  I'll be back with great stuff on Tuesday.  Or regular stuff.  I really shouldn't promise greatness.

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